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Podiatrist Shoe Recommendations and footwear advice

Footwear Advice: Podiatrist Shoe Recommendations (That look as good as they feel)

Most of you reading this would be thinking that your podiatrist shoe recommendations are going to be “sensible”.

And by sensible, you’re thinking our footwear advice is going to be:

  • Beige
  • Bulky
  • Orthopaedic

And that’s a fair cop.

In the past podiatrists have been guilty of asking many clients to put away those patent leathers. Ditch the dazzling docs. And heaven forbid; Hide those heels in the back of your cupboard away from any sore corns on your toes.

But there’s been a shift. A movement in both podiatry and footwear manufacturing. We’re now able to recommend different styles of shoes for different feet. And they’re not all beige, bulky and orthopaedic.

Let me show you.

Or you can jump straight to the list of podiatrist shoe recommendations.

Performance footwear set fashion trends.

Supershoes started selling for super prices.

Your favourite comfy running shoes of today have influenced the fashion houses of Europe, Japan and the US. While Nike was pouring millions of dollars into developing thick-soled chunky running shoes that can assist a runner in running a sub-2-hour marathon, Balenciaga and Kanye West were independently creating sneakers that sell for eye-watering amounts of money.

With these changes in both footwear technology and fashion styles, we now have shoes that can help people with sore feet (as part of a podiatry treatment plan). Just 5 years ago you might have had to get yourself a big black heavy leather cross trainer with a chunky orthotic on board to offload sore spots on your feet.

Today, your shoe might be able to do that all on its lonesome with built-in support, modern cushioned foams and carbon fibre reinforced midsoles.

And it’s not just chunky sneaker-style shoes that are making the list of your podiatrist shoe recommendations.

Fashionable sandals, heels, business shoes and boots are all getting in on the trend.

Brands such as the Australian podiatrist-owned Bared Footwear, Australian physiotherapist-owned Frankie4 and the Danish ECCO are all reaching new heights in connecting fashion and function. With more brands, more styles and more fits becoming available to you there’s never been a better time to get a pair of shoes that can help and not hinder your feet.

So our podiatrists are here to make it easier for you.

No, we can’t feel exactly what your feet will feel in each shoe. But we can show you the features to look for, talk about the fit and feel, and also when we would use these as podiatrist shoe recommendations for clients in our clinic.

So let me introduce you to the most comprehensive list of podiatrist shoe recommendations you can find. Our team take pride in making sure these are accurate and up to date. We’re adding shoes as they become available and removing others when they change between models (doesn’t that get frustrating when shoe companies change your favourite?).

If you have any requests for a theme please ask our little robot Simba on the side of the website. They’ll pass on your request and our podiatrist will work on that for you.

The Big List of Podiatrist Shoe Recommendations

To make this easy for you we’ll separate the biggest list of podiatrist shoe recommendations into categories.

Sporty or Sore: Running & Walking Shoes

The Best Running Shoes for Ball of Foot PainWhether you call it your forefoot, ball of your foot, or the front of your foot, the area of your toes and metatarsals is one of the hardest working parts of your body when running or walking.

Up to 8 times your bodyweight will roll over this area so you can go a long way to helping the ball of your foot out with the right pair of running shoes.
The Best Running Shoes for Heel PainYour heel is the most common area to develop pain in your foot.

Getting the right shoes to take some strain from your heel and move it elsewhere can be vital as a treatment or prevention for developing sore heels.
The Best Running Shoes for Arch PainHaving arch pain and trying to battle your way through an event is a mammoth challenge.

Luckily, our podiatrists have a selection of shoes that will reduce the peak stress and strain on your arch.
The Best Running Shoes for Achilles TendonitisYour Achilles tendon is the biggest tendon in the body, and when you run, boy, does it have some work to do.

So if you have Achilles tendonitis getting the right shoes are vital to reduce the peak stress and strain on your tendon.
The Best Running Shoes for Pain on Top of the FootThe dorsum of your foot or the top of your foot, just under where your shoelaces would sit can become sore or injured if you stress it too much.

These shoes reduce the load on the top of your foot compared to other options.
The Best Running Shoes for WomenIt comes as no surprise to most Women that running shoes were not traditionally made for a Women’s foot, just a smaller Man’s foot.

Here’s a selection of running shoes for Women’s feet which do take into consideration the differences in how Women’s feet grow, are shaped and function compared with the incumbent “small Men’s shoes” styles of many other brands.
The Best Running Shoes for Shin SplintsHaving shin splints is one of the most frustrating injuries that require management and load optimisation over a period of time.

Getting the right shoes is vital and this list will help you choose the pair that’s best for your shin splints.
Stability Running Shoe GuideFor when you’re not sure what the jargon about dual density midsoles, guide rails or whether you need a stability shoe or a neutral shoe.

Summer Days: Sandals & Thongs

The Best Sandals for WomenSummer sandals that are comfortable and help rather than hurt your feet can be a challenge to find.

In this list you’ll find our podiatrist sandal recommendations that give your feet the best chance at feeling healthy and fresh all summer long.
The Best Sandals for MenAussie Men have traditionally worn thongs rather than structured sandals over summer which in time can cause all sorts of foot issues.

In this list our podiatrists take you through the sandals (and yes, even the thong styles of summer footwear) that are better for blokes feet.
The Best Thongs in AustraliaThongs, summer, BBQ’s and backyard cricket.

They’re just a few of our podiatrists favourite things so we’ve put together a list of the best thongs you can get to help you enjoy your summertime BBQ.
The Best Recovery Slides for Ball of Foot PainA new category of shoes, or probably more accurate to say, sandals are the recovery slide.

If you’re struggling with ball of foot pain you could benefit from getting not only the right shoes for your activities, but the right slides for your recovery as well.

The 9 – 5: Business Shoes, Work Boots & School Shoes

The 7 Best Work Shoes for Professional WomenCorporate high flyers often struggle to find work shoes that are comfortable and look the part too.

Our podiatrist shoe recommendations for the busy professional are here to help steer you in the direction of more comfort, less pain, less corns and less troublesome sore feet.
The Best Nursing ShoesCan you think of a foot that works harder than a nurses? Us neither.

So when it comes to getting the right shoes for hard working nurses feet we have tried, tested and talked with our nursing colleagues to come up with this list to help.
The Best Workboots in AustraliaSafety boots or work boots are mandated for many professions in Australia but they’re not all created equal.

In this list our podiatrists will guide you to finding saftey boots that fit your feet, function the way your job and your body needs them too, and leave you feeling comfortable all day long.
The Best School ShoesSo much has changed in school shoes in the last 20 years and in this post you’ll find options that can help your kids feet which helps them live their best lives.

Cold, Wet & Wintery Shoes

The Best Slippers in Australia“Slippers are just that, slippers. They don’t need to be supportive because I’m only slipping them on for when I’m at home…” Oh dear, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Most falls happen in the home, falls that end up leading to serious fractures and even death (yeah, it’s that serious). Your slippers can either increase or decrease your risk of falls (along with other factors too). Couple that with the amount of time spent in slippers and you need to make sure you get the right slippers for your feet.
The Best Gumboots in AustraliaGumboots or Wellingtons are more than just for splashing in puddles. You might be taking many thousands of steps in them every day so here’s a collection from our podiatrists which have the structure and support your feet need.
Winter Shoes for Cosy FeetIf you get cold feet or chillblains you know just how painful and uncomfortable not having the right winter shoe can be.

Here’s a list of winter shoe recommendations from our podiatrists to keep your feet toasty warm all winter long.

Special Shoes for Special Feet

The Best Football BootsWhen deciding which pair of footy boots to get you need to consider more than just the “moulded or screw ins” which was pretty much all we had to go on in the past.

In this list our podiatrists break down football boots by foot type, body type, position and playing style. You’ll have your best season yet if you get the right boots for your game.
The Best Diabetic ShoesDiabetes can have serious effects on the feet. Circulation changes, loss of sensation and increased risk of infection are all consequences that are linked with diabetes.

So when choosing your shoes if you have diabetes you need to be extra vigilant and getting the best for your feet. Here’s your starting point.
The Best Shoes for Plantar FasciitisWith plantar fasciitis being such a common cause of foot pain here’s a list of shoes (not just running shoes) that our podiatrists recommend to support your plantar fascia and help you overcome your injury.
The 5 Best Women’s Shoes for Wide FeetThe most common challenge we hear from Women in our podiatry clinics is finding a pair of shoes that fit a wide foot.

Our podiatrists have this list to make that easier for you.