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best running shoes for shin splints

Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

At PridePlus Health we know shin splints. We’ve written extensively on the topic in our blog. We see hundreds of people with shin splints every year. And now, we want to provide more with our list of the Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints.

As mentioned in other posts, shin splints are exacerbated by one or a combination of different types of loading. 

Typically either tensile loading (the increased amount of pulling of the muscles at the front of the shin) or torsional loading (the twisting and bending of the lower limb). 

Sometimes it is too much pulling and sometimes too much twisting, or a combination of both.

Working out which loading is causing your pain helps dictate which are your best running shoes for shin splints.

To get assessed, the first thing that you should do is get in and see your podiatrist at PridePlus Health to get your personal treatment plan to guide you. You can learn about how a podiatrist can help your shin splints here.

We’ve also got plenty of information on How To Treat Shin Splints and Stretches For Shin Splints and more.

But back to the shoes.

The Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints

For those that are a little more “twisty”, the best running shoes for you are stable options which help to control this rate of twisting and movement.

Let me introduce you to:

Mizuno Inspire

Smooth stability. 

The Mizuno Inspire aims to provide an ideal balance between cushioning, structure and lightness

The main way the Inspire achieves this is Mizuno’s “wave plate”, a plastic plate through the midsole which increases medial structure to the sole and helps to create a more stable midsole. 

Saucony Guide

As the name suggests, Saucony’s stability shoe aims to guide you through your runs. 

It does this through a new TPU (foam) frame through the medial section of the shoe.  

In combination the wider flare, lower profile & PWRRUN foam attempts to provide structure & comfort but also a sense of responsiveness through each step.

Nike Structure

A staple in Nike’s range to keep runners running. 

In a vast contrast from Nike’s new performance range, the structure aims to be the supportive option for your everyday running. 

A combination of both lateral and medial wedging in the midsole through increased density foams, help to provide structure and stability.

And for those runners with shin splints that are a little more “slappy & loud”

The best running shoes for shin splints for you are lighter, stable options which help to decrease load from the front of your shin.

Mizuno Shadow

Comfort & Performance. 

This is how Mizuno likes to describe the shadow, and we are a big fan.

The light-weight upper and cushioned midsole, makes the shadow one of the lighter shoes around, weighing in at only 255grams. 

This in combination with Mizuno’s signature wave plate through the midsole of the shoe, provides a lower profile, stable and light feeling shoe. 

Perfect for fresh and tired shins.

Saucony Kinvara

A real fan favourite amongst anyone who has worn them. 

The Kinvara is packed with Saucony’s cushioned PWRRUN midsole foam and light-weight mesh up allows each step to feel more soft and bouncy rather than heavy and cumbersome. 

Combine this with a 4mm drop to take load away from the front of the shin, we can start to imagine those achy and screamy shin could feel more at home in a fresh pair of Kinvaras.

Final Thoughts

As important as getting the right shoes, sometimes we need a little more support. For that getting the right orthotic for your shin splints is paramount.

So to fix your shin splints quickly and effectively you need to book in with our expert PridePlus Health podiatry team. 

Our team will identify your exact needs and set you up to achieve your pain free goals.

If you’re ready to get rid of your shin splints, book now.

Although if you’re content to continue having shin splints then we’re not the team for you. 

For those in pain, ready to take action, call us or book online to secure your session time with one of our podiatrists