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a list of the best gumboots in australia according to expert podiatrists

The Best Gumboots in Australia

Podiatrist, dog walker, and puddle jumper enthusiast Tanya Contis brings you the best gumboots in Australia. 

Gumboots, Wellington Boots, Rain Boots, Galoshes or Waders. Call them what you may, they are a must when trying to keep your feet warm and dry during our long winter months.

As a podiatrist looking after feet in Australia I’ve had many clients finding their winter boots a real challenge. Unlike sports, business or fashion shoes, there’s not been as many options in gumboots land in the past. Thank-fully that is changing, and so has the uptake in gumboot wearing.

I see gumboots on the feet of people trudging through the muddy wet hills of Emerald. And then when I’m in town on trendy Brunswick feet. Who would have thought we’d be having a fashion renaissance in gumboots!

So before we get started looking at the best gumboots in Australia, a few quick podiatry words. Why you need to get the right fit and what to look for when buying your gumboots.

Like with all shoes, the wrong gumboots for you can be more of a problem than a solution. It’s essential to get the fit right to gain the most out of your rubber boots when splashing in puddles walking the dogs, around the dairy or on the job site.

So Why Gumboots?

  • Protect your feet – when required steel toe cap, penetration resistant midsole
  • Length – longer length options to protect lower legs and of course keep the water out!
  • Keep feet dry – Waterproof
  • Keep feet warm – neoprene gumboots for extra insulation!
  • Good grip  – anti-slip sole
  • Easy to clean – wipe them down or hose them off

In terms of fit, make sure they aren’t too tight around the calf or too loose around the foot that you are inclined to claw your toes. Try on your gumboots with the pair of socks you’ll be wearing. As our feet swell throughout the day be mindful of the fit and feel of your new gumboots. If they are very snug when you first pop them on in the morning, chances are they’ll be too small when your feet swell throughout the day.

The Fashionable Gumboot

Bobbi Boot – Merry People

Merry People is an Australian, vegan brand aiming to keep your feet warm and happy while looking the part. The brand has also brought out an option with increased traction, increasing stability and reducing slipperiness making the boot even more versatile. The snazzy colour options in the natural rubber upper mean you can wear this boot around the hills to keep your feet dry while at Pepis land, but still look the part down the street.

You can even match with your little ones. The Bobbi Kids gumboots are perfect for jumping in muddy puddles, and are a great easy option for day-care.

If you’re really looking to up your gumboot fashion game check out the Tully Boot from Merry People as well.

The Wide One

Blundstone #024

The Blundstone #024 is a wide fitting safety gumboot made in Tasmania.

This wide-fitting gumboot from Blundstone is designed with a wide circumference around the calf and leg, along with a broad fitting steel toe cap. This wide pair of gumboots also has the benefit of having a steel penetration-resistant midsole that will keep your feet free of sharp nails and other objects in the farm shed, and dry while working at the abattoir.

The Lightweight One

Otway Storm Hybrid

This is a great option if you’re looking for something a bit light. Great for use on farms, or in the wet, these waterproof boots from Otway come with a single piece sole and upper that won’t leak. They also fit that bit wider and has a comfy spongy sole.

The All-Rounder

The Muck Boot Company – Apex Zip Performance Boot

The Muck Boot Company take this one. The Apex Zip is one of the best gumboots for all round needs. A zipper helps with fixation and a removable insole allows an orthotic to be onboarded.

A hybrid of a gumboot, hiking boot and dare we say it – running shoe. The Apex Zip is one of our podiatrists favourite boots. Available in Men’s / Women’s black variants as well as a few seasonal colours.

The Work (and Play) Gumboot


BOGS have options for those who need a gumboot for work and for some good muddy play. Popular for Chef’s and those working in kitchens, BOGS have slip resistant soles and various safety gumboot offerings. 

On the play side, there are wild patterns for those who like to show off a bit of personality with their footwear. Combine that with a soft lining for comfort and you’ll be set for whatever wet conditions come your way. 

For those who are after a work boot, not a gumboot, check out our Best Work Boots post.

Best Gumboots Summary

To finish up, please, as a podiatrist I cannot stress this enough. Just like all your footwear in your shoe collection, ensure your rain boot is comfortable, fits well and is appropriate for the job!

To sum it up, you’re looking for rain boots that keep your feet comfy.

They must be =  durable ✓ warm ✓ ventilated ✓ waterproof✓ protective ✓

About The Author

australian podiatrist tanya contis who consults in Emerald and Monbulk

Podiatrist Tanya Contis has over 10 years experience helping overcome foot pain and lead active, healthy lives. Tanya consults in Emerald where muddy puddles and slippery walking tracks close by.