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Exercises For Your Feet

Exercises for your feet are in order to overcome (and prevent) foot injuries.

Sometimes, they’re the only thing you need to do. But often, you’ll need a combination of exercises, which increase capacity as well as other treatments that optimise load. I’m talking shoes, orthotics and strapping here.

But right now, let’s focus on the exercises for your feet that you can do in your home.

Here’s what I use as a podiatrist in Melbourne, every day to help my clients overcome their foot and ankle injuries and conquer their running goals. And while this is what I get paid to do on a daily basis, nothing would make me happier than if you took these exercises for your feet and overcame your own foot pain – and you didn’t even need to see me at all.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Calf Raises

The calf raise is my all time favourite exercise.

And yet, on the odd occasion where I actually see someone doing these at the gym, their form is all wrong. If they were a runner, they’d probably be making their foot injuries worse.

So do your calf raises, and do them properly. If apples keep doctors away, calf raises (done properly) do the same for us podiatrists.

Glute Bridges

Your glutes are more than just belt replacements – keeping your pants up.

Glute max and glute med are vital for power, propulsion but also balance. When your glutes are strong enough you’re able to keep your feet pointing forwards, and not turned out like a penguin. Less waddling, more winning. 

Hamstring Curls

If bicep curls get the girls, hamstring curls get the heels up off the ground and moving quickly.

What, you don’t think that has a good ring to it? OK, suit yourself. But if you miss out on training your hamstrings you’ll increase the load on your achilles tendons which could be the difference between a nice springy run around the park, or stiff and achey heels every morning.

Alright my soon to be strong footed friend. 

These 3 exercises are absolute rippers for building strong and healthy feet, ready for whatever challenges and adventures you want to throw at them. I hope you take them, build up your strength and you never need to see my face IRL in the clinic.

But if you do need more than just strength and resilience for your foot injury, maybe an orthotic or some shockwave therapy to supercharge your rehab, I’d be honoured to help you out.

Go well.

About the Author

tim mulholland podiatrist melbourne and pascoe vale

Melbourne podiatrist Tim Mulholland knows a thing or two about foot exercises. As someone who’s been consulting for more than 15 years he’s prescribed his fair share. But, it’s his habit of injuring himself, running, skating, cycling and leading an adventorous life that makes him personally familiiar with these exercises for your feet. He’s probably doing a set of calf raises as you read this to prepare for his next run or adventure.