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the best summer sandals for women according to melbourne podiatrist

Best Sandals For Women

Fashion is hard on feet. Women’s footwear fashion, brutal. So as a podiatrist working in Melbourne CBD I’m constantly asked for my advice on what are the best sandals for women. Oh, and what are the best running shoes for women but my colleague Jess has you girls covered with her list.

I’m not going to dig myself into a hole getting into the fashion pros on cons here. This is my go to list of summer sandals, that’s it.

If you’re someone who struggles with foot pain, fungal nails or plantar fasciitis when you wear sandals then these options can be a start, however it’s best to get a personal plan in place.

Come in and see me and my team for that.

The Best Sandals For Women

The Classic – Birkenstock

Structured, comfortable and wide fits available. Birkenstock also has a vegan range of sandals for all the ladies out there who steer clear of animal products 👊

You’ll find some Birkenstock sandals have adjustable straps to go with their contoured footbed while others are simple slip ons. 

The Trendy Sandals – Bared

Trendy and fashionable options with in built support. A Melbourne based success story in the footwear industry.

Bared have developed their own proprietary anatomical footbed and offer some heeled sandals to go with their more comfortable sandals. If you can choose a pair of sandals with an ankle strap that will help those with narrow feet stay comfortable all afternoon long.

The Recovery Sandals – Hoka

Soft and comfy sports sandals. Great post run, race or activity option. These slide sandals have a super soft footbed and a running shoe like outsole for the ultimate in comfort and recovery. 

For those who have found the Hoka Bondi or Clifton to be their best pair of shoes for running the recovery sandals will be a continuation of this heavenly cloud like feeling.

The Classical Sandals – Ziera

Classic court style shoes galore. Ziera are back from the brink with a tightened range and improved online sales process.

You’ll find that there are some comfortable sandals as well as some less podiatry friendly flat sandals in their range. Don’t even get us started on any platform sandals. When choosing your classic sandals from Ziera make sure you consider if you need to be wearing supportive sandals and supportive shoes, or if you can get away with just one of the two.

The Stylish Sandals – Revere

Revere have some stylish wedge sandals and then some wonderful orthotic friendly sandals with a removable liner and sturdy enclosed heel. This helps those of us with slightly different foot shapes or say flat feet stay comfy all day long. A favourite of our podiatrist Jess.

The Hybrid Thong/Sandal – Vionic

Sandals with options of fastening (velcro or strap only) and upper placement. Handy if you have lumps and bumps (bunions or clawed toes) that you need to avoid rubbing your comfortable sandals on.

The Best Thongs – Archies

If you’re a thong wearer and you haven’t tried Archie’s yet, well, do it. You get comfort, support and no blow outs. The best flip flops or jandals you’ll find.

The Wide Option – Alegria

For wide feet, bunions and forefoot problems the range of Alegria sandals are wonderful. Accommodates different feet and your orthotics really nicely.

To sum(mer) it up…

If you’re checking out the best sandals for women because you or someone you love is struggling with any kind of foot pain then why don’t you jump over to our clinics page and book in an appointment with our podiatry team?

Our podiatrists are experts in all things foot and ankle. So if it’s sore, and all the way down there at the end of your leg? We’re your answer.

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