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Best Women's Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Women’s Shoes for Wide Feet

I’ve seen so many clients struggle to find the best Women’s shoes for wide feet around Melbourne.

In our Melbourne CBD podiatry clinic I’ll have Women visit daily struggling with sore corns on the outside of their toes from rubbing up against tight shoes. I hear of the frustration, traipsing about from shop to shop hunting that nice looking wide fitting shoe. Sure, some find their runners that can fit their wide feet.

But nice looking dress shoes?

Forget about it. 

Until now.

Here’s my top 5 best Women’s shoes for wide feet.

Ziera Tamya xf Leather Loafers

Ziera have created a versatile loafer that is great to wear both in the office or out and about socially.

This loafer is a hit due to its extra wide fit and removable foot beds that can be changed around to customise a fit suitable to all foot shapes. An added bonus is that you can get the Tamya in four different colours of leather upper!

Bared Moa 2

If a boot is more your style, check out this great (wide) boot by Bared Footwear.

We love this boot due to its round toe box that accommodates your wider forefoot. You won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze your foot or ankle into the boot as the rear neoprene panel on the boot also allows for an easy fit.

Similar to Ziera, Bared also offer their podiatry designed signature ‘fit kit’ with their shoes, which comes with a range of removable insoles to customise the fit to your needs.

Frankie 4 Ivy II

If you’re after a sandal that can be worn both casually or you could dress it up with a nice outfit, then the Frankie4 Ivy II may be right for you!

Frankie4 are famous for their podiatrist designed, Sole Hero support footbed. According to Frankie4 this footbed gives your foot the comfort and support it needs, whilst still allowing you to wear a stylish shoe. According to us, it’s just really comfortable.

The adjustable buckle allows you to modify the fit of the shoe to the width you need and trust me, their statement buckle looks good! It’s also available in two versatile colours.

Bared Hamerkop

For those of you who like something with a heel, check out the Bared Footwear ‘Hamerkop’.

This heel is designed to be comfortable and stylish with its inbuilt arch support foot bed. The adjustable straps at your ankle, midfoot and forefoot accommodate your wide feet for an easy fit. After trialling the Bared Footwear heels myself I can say the comfort of them is very impressive!

Sioux Sudan Black

For those of you who like a brogue style shoe check out this Brogue stocked by Peter Sheppard.

Unlike a lot of brogues on the market this shoe comes in a D width, which means it is made to be wider than the standard Women’s shoe (C-width). Like many of the shoes we’ve mentioned here, this brogue comes with a removable insole making it orthotic and wide and flat foot friendly – Love it!

Your Podiatrists Favourite Brands and Retailers For Wide Feet in Melbourne

  • Ziera
  • Bared
  • Frankie4
  • Peter Shepard
  • Sandler
  • Clarks

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoes for Wider Feet

A quick whip through of what I’ve been asked as a podiatrist over the years.

What should I look for in the best shoes for wide feet?

Your feet deserve comfortable shoes so they don’t suffer with painful corns, injuries and foot fatigue from being squished into a coffin they don’t fit. 

The best shoes for wide feet need to be wide enough not to pinch in from either side of your foot, but not too wide. Remember Goldilocks? Your shoes pairs of shoes for wide feet shouldn’t be ill-fitting shoes that slop around when you walk.

When you go shoe shopping for wide shoes make sure you have a variety of socks / hosiery on hand that you would usually wear when you would be wearing these shoes. Also, be mindful that most of us have larger feet later in the day than the start. 

How do I know if I have wide feet?

There’s no exact measure of wide feet or narrow feet. Shoes companies will often make their shoes in both narrow and wide sizes, but even then they’re not standardised. You might find you’re a D width in one brand and an E (or double E) in another.

A good rule of thumb (or should that be toe?) when working out if you need wide feet is to compare your most comfortable shoes with other options in the shoe shop. Try the wide shoes. Try the normal width. If the wide-width shoes are more comfortable and the upper doesn’t bulge and wrinkle over the top of your foot then you’re set. That’s the size for you.

Why buy wide width shoes?

If you have wide width feet you should buy wide with shoes. Nothing ground breaking there. Narrow feet should buy narrow fitting shoes in the same way those of us with narrow heels need to make sure we buy shoes that fit our skinny ankles.

The risk of wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet is that they can cause immediate damage to your feet. Think blisters, corns, callus and ingrowing toenails. From regular and long term use of shoes that are too tight for your feet you can contribute to foot deformities such as bunions and hammer toes. 

Ask yourself.

Are those cute shoes that are so very uncomfortable worth it?

Which brand is best for wide feet?

There’s no one brand that does the best Women’s shoes for wide feet but we do have a list that have more options than others.

How do I know if I need wide or extra wide shoes?

If you get ingrowing toenails, corns or callus on the top of your toes, or you just get sore toes from wearing your shoes there’s a good chance you need extra wide shoes.

Quality shoe retailers will help you here. They’ll pull out the Brannock device (that foot measurer you remember from when you got your first pair of school shoes) and size up your feet. 

About the Author

melbourne cbd podiatrist ella wright

Melbourne CBD podiatrist Ella Wright has seen first hand the challenges that Women go through to find the perfect shoe to fit larger feet. With this list of the best Women’s shoes for wide feet you’ll save yourself hours of hunting and plenty of pain by getting a pair of shoes that fits your wide feet.

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