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Best Sandals For Men

Lads. We need to talk about the thongs and oversized jeans combo. It’s a look that’s more of a way of life and at this time of year. Well it’s time to upgrade to the best sandals for men rather than go back to last years havy’s and smashed levis.

best sandal for men jeans and thongs look
Ah no thanks.

Do it for your feet, they’ll thank you.

As a podiatrist working in Melbourne, I see a heap of blokes who are keen to ditch their winter shoes and get some air flowing around their feet. But struggle with foot pain, tired feet, or heel problems like plantar fasciitis whenever they reach for their thongs.

So this is my go to list of what to suggest when looking to upgrade your summer footwear.

We’ve got the best sandals for men that are comfortable, stable and in a few different styles.

The Best Sandals For Men

The Classic – Birkenstock

Structured, comfortable and wide. Birkenstock also has a vegan range of sandals for all the legends out there who steer clear of animal products.

The Recovery Sandals – Oofos

Cushioned and super light. Perfect for sliding into after a long run or when your feet feel tired from a hard days work.

The Recovery Sandals – Hoka

One of the softest and comfiest things I’ve ever put on my feet. Great post run, race or activity option.

Comfort + Style – ECCO

Ok, so style is in the eye of the beholder here. Our podiatrist Tim swears these are the most comfortable things you can wear on your feet, and even hiked Kokoda in PNG in a pair of them.

The stability of a hiking shoe, the comfort of a sandal. The look of a… well, it’s a look 😉.

The Hybrid Thong/Sandal – Vionic

The look of a thong (flip flop for the yanks, jandal for the kiwis) with the support of a sandal. Bit more weight than a pure thong style like an Archie…

The Best Thongs – Archies

If you’re a thong wearer and you haven’t jumped aboard the Archies express – you’re missing out. Comfort, support and no blow outs.

To sum(mer) it up…

If you’re checking out the best sandals for men because you or someone you love is struggling with any kind of foot pain then why don’t you jump over to our clinics page and book in an appointment with our podiatry team?

Our podiatrists are experts in all things foot and ankle. So if it’s sore, and all the way down there 👉🦶 we’re your answer.

Book your appointment online today.

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