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What On Earth Is Your Fascia and Why Does it Hurt So Much?

What Is Fascia?

What is fascia and what does it do? This is the second piece in our Anatomy Class series. If you missed learning about ligaments and how they are like the seatbelt in your car you can check that one out too. In the series we will take you through all the interesting tissues which make …

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foot health test from melbourne podiatrist and physiotherapists

Foot Health Quiz

How healthy are your feet? Your ankles and feet are your foundation. Essential for moving and leading an active life. You want to chase the dog around the park? Feet help with that. Dig up the backyard? Yeah, that’s probably going to involve your feet. Running a PB in the Melbourne Marathon? Strong, healthy feet …

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tennis injury quiz 2021

Tennis Injury Quiz

Having a tennis injury disrupt your play on the weekend is frustrating. When tennis is your life as a pro it’s frustrating and some. During the pandemic of 2020 – 2021 the number of tennis elbow injuries we’ve seen in clinic has dropped although we’re not willing to call that the silver lining of COVID …

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