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foot health test from melbourne podiatrist and physiotherapists

Foot Health Quiz

How healthy are your feet? Your ankles and feet are your foundation. Essential for moving and leading an active life. You want to chase the dog around the park? Feet help with that. Dig up the backyard? Yeah, that’s probably going to involve your feet. Running a PB in the Melbourne Marathon? Strong, healthy feet …

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tennis injury quiz 2021

Tennis Injury Quiz

Having a tennis injury disrupt your play on the weekend is frustrating. When tennis is your life as a pro it’s frustrating and some. During the pandemic of 2020 – 2021 the number of tennis elbow injuries we’ve seen in clinic has dropped although we’re not willing to call that the silver lining of COVID …

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exercise right week 2021 graphic celebrating why i exercise

Exercise Right Week 2021

Exercise Right Week 2021 runs 🏃‍♀️, walks 🚶‍♂️, rides 🚴‍♀️ and lifts 🏋️‍♂️ it’s way from May 24 to May 30. Kicking off in 2014, Exercise Right Week has become a great rallying cry & reminder to us all. We’re passionate about the role that exercise plays in our lives at PridePlus Health. Exercise is …

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lockdown 3.0

Lockdown 3.0

Pride Fam! We’ve got this! A huge thanks to every one keeping each other safe, keeping our community safe. Our team is glad to be here to do our part as well. This means that until Thursday 18th February we will not be offering any face-to-face in clinic sessions. All our dear clients who had …

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pascoe vale football oval and then text about information on the suburb pascoe vale

Pascoe Vale

Pascoe Vale was our first clinical home. It’s where our journey as Pride podiatrists, physiotherapists and EP’s began.  We love our local community here and after 7+ years of working, living and being an active part of community we wanted to provide more than just our leading health care. The following information comes from years …

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