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Orthotic Guarantee

Our orthotic guarantee is just what you’ve been looking for. We guarantee your insoles for both comfort and shoe fit. And yes, all our custom orthotics prescribed by Pride Podiatrists are covered.

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As podiatrists who are experts in custom orthotics we understand how beneficial they are. We have years of experience prescribing, teaching, learning, and making custom foot orthotics. This means that you can have the confidence. When your Pride Podiatrist recommends an orthotic as part of your treatment plan, you’ll know it will be beneficial to you.

We also get that a custom orthotic is something completely unique to the person wearing them. Not just the shape, materials, geometry and pressure applied. But the wearers experience with footwear and orthotics in the past.

If you’ve never worn an orthotic before, the idea can be exciting, sometimes daunting. You might have questions about what shoes you can use. How often you need to wear them.

And throughout this time you’re also working with your podiatrist on your reason for needing orthotics. Your capacity building exercises. Your load optimisation with shoes, strapping, gait re-training. So many aspects of care that need to be considered.

So at PridePlus Health we take the element of financial risk out of the equation for you. Meaning that we guarantee comfort and shoe fit with our custom orthotics prescribed by our podiatrists.

Why An Orthotic Guarantee?

We know that when we prescribe an orthotic for you they will be comfortable and a valuable tool in addressing your concern. On their own an orthotic is not a magic spell. Complete elimination of painful symptoms with an orthotic alone is not expected. This is why your podiatrist will also prescribe an appropriate treatment plan of exercise, load optimisation and lifestyle changes if they too are required.

You can rest assured that your orthotic will be comfortable and be an integral part of your treatment plan to achieve your goals. Whatever they may be.

So, if you’re not comfortable in your orthotics prescribed by your PridePlus Health podiatrist we will make an entirely new device, from scratch for you. As rare as this event is, having a little more data including your comfort perception from your first pair gives us even more confidence in prescribing another if required.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee involves replacing your orthotic with a modified prescription (geometry, materials or both) at no additional device cost.
  2. To be eligible for the Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee you must be prescribed your custom foot orthotics by your PridePlus Health podiatrist in the last 3 months.
  3. To receive a new prescription of custom foot orthotics under the  Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee you must attend for an orthotic review consultation. There will be zero extra orthotic costs (scanning, biomechanical assessment or device fees) however a consultation charge may be applicable.
  4. The Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee does not include a continuation of symptoms that were present prior to orthotic issue. 
  5. Any modification to your orthotic completed outside of a PridePlus Health podiatrist will void your Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee.

The Pride Podiatry – Orthotic Guarantee is for peace of mind. A fair and reasonable implementation of this guarantee will be adhered to by Pride Podiatry. Our number one priority is achieving your goals. Your guarantee will be implemented as required to achieve them.

Need A Custom Foot Orthotic?

If you’re in need of custom foot orthotics you can book in with our podiatry team online.

We will assess, diagnose, scan and prescribe an orthotic to guide you towards your goals.

Locations: Melbourne CBD | Pascoe Vale

You can learn more about custom foot orthotics, prefabricated foot orthotics and orthotic prices.

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