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Custom Care Plans

Your foot is unique, and your treatment should be too.

Advanced Treatments

Laser scans and gait analysis from skilled podiatrists

Orthotic Guarantee

If you need extra support, we have an orthotic guarantee.

Pride Podiatry

We cater to everyone from athletes to office professionals, enhancing your journey from foot pain to performance. We’re not just treating foot injuries; we’re restoring your freedom to move with joy and confidence.

Our team blends advanced technology with personalised care, creating tailored solutions like precision-engineered orthotics and innovative exercise programs.

Join us at Pride Podiatry, and let’s make every step count together.

Something for Your Sore Feet


Foot pain, particularly heel pain in the morning is often a sign you need to build up strength and lengthen tight muscles.

Learn exercises for your sore feet.

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Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics prescribed exactly for your needs. Your perfect combination of comfort and support.

We’re the only podiatrists in Melbourne who give you an orthotic guarantee.

Shockwave Therapy

Stubborn heel pain that has been present for more than 6 weeks used to be difficult to treat. Not anymore.

Learn how shockwave therapy can speed up healing times.

Foot Injuries Treated Each Week at Pride Podiatry

Heel Pain

There are 6 different injuries that lead to heel pain with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy being the most common.

Plantar Fasciitis

Sharp morning heel pain that strikes with those first few steps.

Achilles Tendinopathy

A combination of different stiffness, aches and sometimes intense sharp pain at the back of your heel.

Ball-of-Foot Pain

Big toe problems, bunions, neuroma’s and bursitis in the forefoot.

Ankle Sprains

Chronic ankle instability is a frustrating condition that can strike at any time.

Corns & Callus

Painful pressure lesions that can be instantly removed and often prevented.

Your Pride Podiatry Team

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Tim Mulholland


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Ella Wright


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Zainab Alnjar


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Massive thanks to Tim who was able to diagnose and rectify my issue quickly and professionally. Tim was super friendly and explained everything clearly throughout my appointment, as well as a follow up video. Very friendly team at the practice. Would highly recommended!
I was hesitant to visit a podiatrist, but after reading reviews about Pride Podiatry, I decided to give it a try. Tim was great, listened to my concerns, and after the session, sent me a video explaining how we were going to address my issue. I’m looking forward to resolving my problem in the coming weeks!
I am so grateful to have found Tim Mulholland at Pride Podiatry! I arrived at the friendly clinic in pain and disillusioned. I left with confidence and the knowledge that my injury will heal and that I can work on prevention and strengthening too. Tim was so through in his assessment and he kindly answered all my anxious questions. The follow up email and video with my personalised plan was simply amazing!
Went to see Tim who was recommended to me by my sister. I've been having nail issues for 5 years, seen numerous doctors who all couldn't find out what the issue was. Tim picked it up straight away and I've finally started treatment thank you very much fantastic service
My first podiatry experience , had Tim Mulholland to educate me and help me with my heels. He is friendly and easy to talk to podiatrist with great insight towards what i need to do about my heels.
I'm really delighted with my appointment.Dr. Tim was really kind, understanding, informative, and attentive. He was really professional. I strongly recommend him.
I had a great session with Dr Tim and am so glad I chose pride Podiatry! Tim was very friendly, informative, caring and helpful. I think it's excellent that Tim provides videos in his follow-up email, as sometimes as a patient you're taking in a lot of new information after a doctor's appointment. The staff at the front desk was also lovely and made me feel welcome to the clinic. In comparison to my previous experience elsewhere- Pride Podiatry appears to take a contemporary approach to the overall client experience by using videos, ensuring excellent customer service and having a modern interior fit out. All these details made the appointment feel less stuffy/clinical, but warm and inviting instead. Highly recommend.
I met Tim Mulholland yesterday for a first ever podiatry session to treat an ingrowing toenail. I’m generally not keen on having any kind of procedure, but Tim was extremely understanding and helped to put me at ease in a very professional manner. The treatment undertaken was painless and efficiently delivered, and the ongoing management plan to ensure resolution was clearly communicated. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to see Tim for further issues and would highly recommend him.
Tim was extremely professional: although he knew I would probably not be back, he was very thorough when acessing my health details before starting the treatment. This he did very carefully and I left feeling extremely well. Thank you, Tim and if you ever come to Portugal please contact me. When I get back home I will send you the information you requested.
Tim is an amazing Podiatrist. Really caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend
First time visiting a podiatrist for some toe nail issues. I had Tim from the clinic who was great and the human being - he helped successfully fix my feet issues. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a podiatrist in the Melbourne cbd with feet or toe nail issues.
Tim was so friendly and helpful with the foot and achilles issue I went in for. He did a thorough assessment and provided insight and advice into the pain I was experiencing. I left feeling very optimistic that my issue wasn't as bad as I had originally thought and with the exercises prescribed, I should be able to go for a jog again in the not-too-distant future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pride Podiatry is located within Pure Physio, on the Mezzanine Level of 80 Collins St in Melbourne’s CBD. We’re also available within PVH Medical at 124 Kent Rd in Pascoe Vale. Bookings and more details for directions can be found on our clinics page.

The fee for a podiatry session is around $100 – $130 for a 30 minute session. Costs for devices such as custom foot orthotics can be found on our orthotics page.

If you have a chronic medical condition and an active referral from your GP, you may be eligible for a medicare rebate of over $58 per podiatry session.

If covered for podiatry under your extras cover you can claim on the spot using HiCaps for your Pride Podiatry services.

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