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achilles tendonitis treatment plan and advice from expert podiatrist

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis. When you can’t run, jump, or even walk without wincing.  It makes you feel like you’re dragging around a 10 ton truck tyre.  Every morning you feel the heavy stiffness. Ranges from a dull ache to ‘shoot-me-now’ levels. Even resting isn’t a surefire escape. So what’s happened to you pop, spring and speed?  …

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pain and sleep questionnaire with lady restless in bed

Pain and Sleep

You need both pain and sleep to survive. Pain is a signal of bodily harm that motivates you to do something about it. You sleep to maintain homeostasis and optimise all bodily functions. Pain can influence sleep, and sleep can influence pain. Can you recall the time when back pain or arthritic pain kept you …

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