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newborn feet information from expert australian podiatrist

Newborn Feet

OK, as a podiatrist it’s impossible not to look at newborn feet and go, ahhh… They’re so cute, interesting, and miniature!  While our infants feet certainly have a likeness to our own adult feet, there are a heap of difference under the skin.  When you think of what your adult feet go through on a …

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an australian expert talks about what causes heart disease while a man clutches at his heart

What Causes Heart Disease

Heart disease, otherwise termed cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of Australia’s biggest health problems. What causes heart disease is a question us EPs get daily as coronary heart disease is one of the primary reasons people come to see me in Pascoe Vale. Coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease is so prevalent I’d go …

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ingrown toenails in babies advice from mum and podiatrist in melbourne

Ingrown Toenails In Babies

It wasn’t until I became a mum and a podiatrist that I truly understood just how stressful it is to manage ingrown toenails in babies. This facebook post resonates with me on every level.

image of a stiff neck being fixed by a physiotherapist

Stiff Neck

Most of us experience a stiff neck during our lifetime. There are many (and I mean many) causes of a stiff neck but as a physiotherapist there’s a few that really stand out. These are the types of stiff neck I see in clinic most regularly. Stiff neck from overworked neck muscles, cervical joints or …

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