P.Ride Cycling Orthotic

P.Ride Cycling Orthotics from PridePlusThe P.Ride Cycling Orthotic is a super lightweight and low profile orthotic that is custom made to each individual cyclists foot.


They are one of a kind devices that sit snug inside cycling shoes to provide ultimate power, comfort and performance. 

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Let’s take a look at how they work, and to do that - we have to understand a little bit about the foot.

The human foot is a work of art as well as an impressive piece of engineering. The rearfoot (heel) is made up of a couple of super-strong and highly evolved bones; the calcaneus and the talus. These bones take the majority of our weight when standing as well as provide the attachment for our massive Achilles tendon (and a few others) to propel us forward. They can articulate or move in a couple of planes for power and to adapt to different surfaces when walking or running. 

If the rearfoot is the engine room of the foot, this makes the mid and forefoot area the transmission and suspension system. The complex interplay of the midtarsal bones and the digits allow us to walk, balance and adapt to all surfaces; gravel inclines and long flats. We can go from running in our sneakers to strutting in our heels and boots all because of the adaptability of the foot. These flexible and changeable features make the foot perfect for walking and running… But with the (in evolutionary timelines) recent development of the bicycle, our feet are inefficient at transmitting power from our legs into the crankshaft of our bikes.

This is where a cycling shoe and the P.Ride Cycling Orthotic come into play

By taking the shape of your foot and then using your own biomechanical characteristics we can stiffen and alter the way the foot moves inside a cycling shoe to increase our efficiency. 

Our team of expert podiatry specialists start with your own biomechanical profile and cycling shoe measurements. Combine these with your cycling history relating to events, distances, goals and injury history and we are starting to get a prescription ready for your very own P.Ride Cycling Orthotic. Next, a 3D scan of your feet is taken to fabricate an orthotic that perfectly contours your foot for maximum comfort and control. Finally, we fabricate the device here in Melbourne using ultralight materials of carbon fibre or 3D printed nylon with a soft top cover for supreme comfort.

When you first place your very own P.Ride Cycling Orthotic into your cycling shoes and press down hard on the cleats for the first time expect to feel secure, comfortable and controlled. As the kilometres build up the improved efficiency obtained by improving power transfer from your foot to the crankshaft will lead to improved performance and less fatigue at submaximal riding levels.

cycling orthotics
cycling orthotics

Who is the P.Ride Cycling Orthotic not for?

People wanting to use a P.Ride Cycling Orthotic for anything but cycling.

As a P.Ride Cycling Orthotic is designed to stiffen the foot for power transfer and efficiency during cycling, trying to use a P.Ride Cycling Orthotic as walking or running orthotic is fraught with danger.

P.Ride Cycling Orthotic is for riders riding. The short walk in cycling shoes with a P.Ride Cycling Orthotic on board to grab a double shot flat white after a solid session on the bike will not be improved with P.Ride Cycling Orthotic.

Who is the P.Ride Cycling Orthotic for?

Cyclists looking to improve their times, comfort and reduce injury risk. 

This includes triathletes on the bike legs, but not for the run (or swim - they’re called flippers, not orthotics and are banned, as they should be).

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Frequently Asked Questions About P.Ride Cycling Orthotics

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