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people happily running after paying for their custom orthotic cost

Orthotic Cost

The orthotic cost is best represented by a band. Everyone’s needs from their orthotics are different. The band for a pair of custom orthotics; devices only is $480 – $550. But, for many of us the actual orthotic cost is less. Read on for more information. How Much Does A Custom Orthotic Cost & Why? For …

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person jumping in the air happy with their pain free feet thanks to their custom orthotic guarantee

Orthotic Guarantee

Our orthotic guarantee is just what you’ve been looking for. We guarantee your insoles for both comfort and shoe fit. And yes, all our custom orthotics prescribed by PridePlus Health Podiatrists are covered. As podiatrists who are experts in custom orthotics we understand how beneficial they are. We have years of experience prescribing, teaching, learning, …

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how to fix painful shin splints podiatrist can help

When Should You See a Podiatrist for Shin Splints and How Can They Help?

Shin splints. Podiatrists across Melbourne are seeing more and more people suffering shin pain. At PridePlus Health, our team have been helping runners and walkers alike get rid of their shin splints for many years.  Although, often podiatrists are not the first point of call for someone suffering shin pain.  When I reflect back on …

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