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7 best women's work shoes for professionals from an expert melbourne cbd podiatrist

The 7 Best Women’s Work Shoes For Professionals

What are the best Women’s work shoes for the boardroom, office, boutique or job site is one of the most common questions I get asked as a podiatrist working in Melbourne’s CBD. Let me share my love of shoes and experience as a podiatrist with you.
PS: If you’re looking for the best runners I’ve got you covered with my best running shoes for us girls here.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

I think we’d all agree that the shoe retail industry is spectacularly overwhelming!

From the vast number of styles, colours, materials, brands, insoles, outsoles, lacing and heels to the all-consuming pressure of finding the right one.

As podiatrists, a lot of what we do is shoe assessment, and it’s one of my favourite parts of the job!

Shoes can change soooo much about any podiatric concern, but sometimes finding a savvy corporate alternative can prove quite the challenge.

This list is my go to summary to make things a little easier for you to pick!

Happy shopping 🙂

Bared ‘Penguin’ Flat

  • A comfortable anatomical foot bed
  • Stable base
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Beware of the tapered forefoot for wider feet
  • The leather upper can take some wearing in
  • Online Store – Bared

Frankie4 ‘Harper’ Boot

  • Functional foot bed
  • Comfortable foam lining to reduce pressure on the skin
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Stable block heel
  • Beware of forefoot pressure from the elevated heel
  • Online Store – Frankie4

ECCO ‘Anine’ Ballerina

  • Rounded toe to reduce constriction on toes caused by tapering
  • Small block heel for stability
  • Inlay sole to deliver cushioning
  • Beware of flexibility for injured feet
  • Online Store – ECCO

Mountfords ‘Atha’ Sandal

  • Flatform for even distribution of load
  • Soft leather for ease of wear
  • Ankle strap for optimal fit adjustment
  • Beware of forefoot strap width that can constrict wide feet
  • Online Store – Mountfords

Hush Puppies ‘The Point’ Pump

  • ‘Bounce’ pods for cushioning underfoot
  • Removable sock liner for customisable fit
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Beware of forefoot pressure from heel height
  • Online Store – Hush Puppies

Paul Carroll ‘Annabelle’ Loafer

  • Wide fit
  • Removable sock liner – suits orthotic wearers
  • Laces for optimal fastening
  • Ensure adequate wear in period to allow for softening up upper material
  • Online Store – Paul Carroll

Rollie ‘Madison Shootie’

  • Cushioned EVA innersole
  • Super lightweight
  • Added grip to outsole
  • Need to get perfect fit due to lack of fastening and deep side cuts
  • Online Store – Rollie

What About Orthotics?

Sometimes, no matter how good a shoe is, we still need that extra little bit of support to keep injury and pain at bay.

In the past, orthotics inside professional work shoes were impossible due to the bulky materials being used.

Now, with modern 3D printing and laser scanning we can design and print a comfortable and minimalist orthotic to fit inside many of the best women’s work shoes.

If you’re in need of any advice or assistance around orthotics, foot pain or shoe selection you can book in with me and my team across Melbourne’s CBD and beyond.