Pascoe Vale Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

Pascoe Vale, where the PridePlus experience commenced. Here we are located in the shiny new building of PVH Medical at 124 Kent Rd.

The clinic is across the road from Cole Reserve, home of the Coburg Districts Football Club. There is parking available off Joffre Street with more spaces to come shortly. Street parking is ample along Kent Rd and Joffre Street as well.


Exercise Physiology

P: (03) 9304 0500
A: 124 Kent Rd, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
H: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-1pm (Closed Sun)

If you have a question, leave us your details & one of our team will be with you ASAP.

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Our Services at PridePlus Pascoe Vale Clinic

Physiotherapy at PridePlus in Pascoe Vale
is for you if you are:

  • injured
  • coming back from injury
  • interested in reducing your injury risk
  • looking to elevate performance
  • or living with chronic medical conditions

That’s basically all of us, right?

Our Podiatrists in Pascoe Vale are professionals who are trained to treat issues that affect the foot and issues that the foot affects.

This means that our podiatrists treat feet, as well as conditions that affect the lower limbs including the ankle, knee and hip.

In Pascoe Vale, our EP’s (Exercise Physiologists) are exercise experts. EP’s have the training at a university level to identify what movements, loads and exercises will get the changes and improvements for you to achieve your goals.

For EP’s, knowing how lifting the same weight can lead to different tissue adaptions in different people is just the start. 

By applying an Exercise Physiologists scientific knowledge, their expert listening skills and utilising the equipment in our Strong Room, EP’s are able to treat, all manner of chronic disease, injury and pain as effectively, and often more so than many drugs.

That’s right, exercise is a drug and EP’s are the doctor, the pharmacist and nurse all rolled into one. Book in now with an Exercise Physiologist to get your dose.


Below you can learn more about our Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Exercise Physiology Services available at our PridePlus Health practice in Pascoe Vale:

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