Pascoe Vale Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

Pascoe Vale, where the PridePlus experience commenced. Here we are located in the shiny new building of PVH Medical at 124 Kent Rd.

The clinic is across the road from Cole Reserve, home of the Coburg Districts Football Club. There is parking available off Joffre Street with more spaces to come shortly. Street parking is ample along Kent Rd and Joffre Street as well.


Exercise Physiology

P: (03) 9304 0500
A: 124 Kent Rd, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044

Our Services in Pascoe Vale

Physiotherapy in Pascoe Vale

Physiotherapy at PridePlus in Pascoe Vale is for you if you’re injured, coming back from injury, interested in reducing your injury risk, looking to elevate performance or living with chronic medical conditions. That’s basically all of us, right?

Podiatry in Pascoe Vale

Our podiatrists in Pascoe Vale are professionals who are trained to treat issues that affect the foot and issues that the foot affects. This means that our podiatrists in Pascoe Vale treat feet, as well as conditions that affect the lower limbs including the ankle, knee and hip.

Exercise Physiology (EP) in Pascoe Vale

Our Exercise Physiologists (EPs) in Pascoe Vale are exercise experts. By applying their scientific knowledge, our EPs are able to use the right exercise to treat disease, injury or pain when we are suffering. Yes, used correctly, exercise is a ‘drug’ which can enrich our lives by optimising performance and reducing wear and tear.

Physio at PridePlus Health in Pascoe Vale

Physiotherapy at PridePlus in Pascoe Vale is for you if you’re injured, coming back from injury, interested in reducing your injury risk, looking to elevate performance or living with chronic medical conditions. That’s basically all of us, right?

Our highly-trained and experienced physiotherapists in Pascoe Vale like Naveena Seethapathy are here to help you learn about your body and will use evidence-based techniques so you can achieve your goals. Sometimes this involves careful manipulation of joints and muscles to facilitate tissue repair. Sometimes it’s learning and completing the right exercises to enhance, grow and recover. Other times it will encompass education and learning about the various processes which go on inside our bodies every day which contribute to pain and loss of performance. Usually, we need a combination of all these, and more, to get us back to our best.

One of the key benefits of seeing our physio in Pascoe Vale is the access to quality rehab equipment, a dedicated gym space and a team of Exercise Physiologists and Podiatrists in Pascoe Vale who work together with you to achieve the amazing.

Our Physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale have extensive experience treating a myriad of conditions in Australia, the USA and India.

Some of these conditions and injuries are:

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Improving performance in sports by maximising muscle and joint function
  • Treating headaches and migraines
  • Pre and Post surgery rehabilitation

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Podiatry at PridePlus Health in Pascoe Vale

Podiatry at PridePlus Health in Pascoe Vale is where the dream started off our amazing health service. In Pascoe Vale, our podiatrist’s have been providing expert care since 2014 with a strong focus on our values. Teamwork, Understanding, Goals and Expertise.

Our Pascoe Vale podiatrists listen and assess like few others, taking into account you as a whole person with goals and ambitions. The podiatry in Pascoe Vale experience then moves onto developing a plan to address whatever challenge is inhibiting you achieving those goals from a ground-up perspective.

This might involve the use of expert and gentle care with podiatry instruments to attend to your nail or skin pathology. This includes ingrowing toenails, corns and callus.

It could be examining the way and why your feet, ankles, legs and more move which can load up areas to beyond their capacity and leading to pain or injury. In Pascoe Vale, our podiatry gait analysis, exercise and orthotic prescription are second to none.

The Pascoe Vale podiatry team will address whatever lower limb challenge you can throw at us be it kids feet, sports injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and so much more.

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Exercise Physiology (EP) at PridePlus Health in Pascoe Vale

Our Exercise Physiologists (EP) in Pascoe Vale are the leading experts in how exercise influences our body. The team can identify the differences in our bodies abilities to adapt and utilise their university qualifications to provide the best level of care and advice.

Exercise physiology in Pascoe Vale is for all those who are looking at recovering and improving from an injury, managing chronic disease, improving health and wellbeing and so much more.

Our Pascoe Vale Exercise Physiology team have the experience and the equipment required in our modern facility (Just wait until you see The Strong Room in Pascoe Vale) to guide you through:

  • Increasing strength
  • Weight loss
  • Preventing falls (our Strong To The Bone program is ideal for building bone, muscle and balance for those at risk)
  • Improving mood, managing mental health
  • Diabetes management
  • Fatigue management
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) management
  • De-conditioning
  • Chronic disease and recurrent injuries
  • So much more!

In Pascoe Vale, our EP’s run 1:1 consultation, as well as small group classes to ensure you get what you need with your exercise management.

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Your Pascoe Vale Physiotherapy, Podiatry & EP Personal Care Plan

Your personal care plan from your podiatry, exercise physiology and physiotherapy in Pascoe Vale is just that – personal! It will be tailored exactly to your needs. You might need to see the physio, EP or podiatrist for one session or a few. You may be using our gym for rehabilitation.

Our Pascoe Vale podiatrists, physios and exercise physiologists work collaboratively with our entire team of health professionals and may recommend a treatment plan which includes Exercise Physiologists for whole body health improvements with exercise, and Podiatrists to provide expert assessment and load management in lower limb cases.

One thing you can be sure about, our Pascoe Vale podiatry, physiotherapy and exercise physiology team are here to provide you with the very best health outcome.

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