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podiatry pedicure when your feet know it's time

Podiatry Pedicure – When Your Feet Know It’s Time

A podiatry pedicure is a dry, safe and clinical procedure for your feet. Let me explain. – Jess

If you’re like me, you’ve definitely neglected some of your luxury self-care practices during this period of social distancing. With all the beauty and cosmetic institutions that we now realise we take for granted being forced shut, we’re all getting inventive about how we achieve similar results!

Women on TikTok are teaching themselves eyebrow threading techniques using dental floss, girlfriends are shaving their boyfriends mohawks and spa-goers are spending hundreds on at-home steamers to replicate that lavish salon facial. 

But let’s be honest… no one’s injuring themself tending to an overgrown brow, scruffy locks or evaporating water!

The pedicure, however, is a different ball game.

For those attempting to clip their toenails for the first time in a decade, or endeavouring to pick off the hard skin under their feet, the at-home pedicure can certainly bear an element of danger. Or on the flip side, overlooking those rapidly growing nails, and uncomfortable callus can result in pain, injury and in some cases, infection. 

Here’s where us podiatrists can help

For those unfamiliar with podiatry, aside from treating sports injuries and prescribing orthotics, we actually specialise in what we like to call the “medical pedicure”, the “medi-pedi” or the “podicure”!

We have an extremely high-level understanding of different nail types, shapes, thicknesses, colours and appearances!

If you’re concerned about cutting your own toenails for any of the following reasons, we’re still open and operating for all your pedal needs.

a podiatrist providing a pedicure in melbourne and cutting the big toenail carefully

Learn more about pedicures in Melbourne here.

Your nails may just be too long, or too thick, they might curve inwards and you have a history of ingrowns, or you suspect a fungal infection is present – we have the necessary instruments, assessment tools and experience to do the job for you while your pedicurist is closed up and beyond! 

Professional nail clippers, electric nail files that remove those jagged edges and thin out those thick nails, and special instruments to remove the gunk that sits under the edge of the nails are among the several gadgets we have available to us here in the clinic!

And as a bonus…some of us may even have an extensive knowledge of OPI’s colour range and can recommend the perfect match to your skin tone *wink*!

Bold winter shades, flirty floral notes, or classic nude varieties – I’ve got you.

Gentlemen, you’re welcome to skip the at-home nail painting if you so choose, or not, you do you!

What happens during your podiatry pedicure?

As for the wide world of skin-related pedicure needs. Corns, callus, cracked heels and dry skin, to name just a few. Our scalpels give us the optimal precision and control to debride (scrape off) away your pain/discomfort without needing to reach for the chemist-bought corn pad or pumice stone.

Should you feel under the weather or prefer to remain indoors, these apparatuses can be helpful, however we like to consider ourselves the gold standard for corn and callus removal!

We can eliminate your hard skin in the safest, cleanest and most efficient way, leaving your feet feeling like a baby’s backside! 

As for that dry skin and cracked heels, we have an electronic sand papering machine, to buff it all into non-existence! For all you ticklish patients out there, we are able to provide something to squeeze during this procedure upon request!

We also have fantastic moisturiser with high levels of urea (an emollient that soothes the skin) for that cheeky post-treatment massage. Aside from the massage chairs, this is the main reason we all go to the pedicurist, right?

You may think you’re capable of achieving similar results from the comfort of your own living room, and this may be true, but please be aware of the risks involved in self-pedicure treatments. 

DIY Pedicure Advice

Start off any procedure by disinfecting the area with an alcohol swab. Make sure your instruments are clean and that you’re familiar with how to use them.

If you accidentally cut the skin on either side of your nail, resulting in a small bleed, please be sure to clean it, and dress it with an antiseptic such as Betadine, covered by a bandaid.

If you notice any signs of infection, immediately reach out to your GP.

Picking at callus can also result in small bleeds, or fissuring of the skin, which can act as portals for little bugs to weasel their way into your skin. As a rule, try not to pick at your corns/callus/cracked heels, and if it’s a subconscious habit (because we all have those!) make sure to conduct regular foot checks and dress any areas of concern with Betadine and a bandaid.  

It can be tempting to dig at the corners of your nails to alleviate the pain we experience when toenails are ingrown. If you’re becoming a little ‘nail clipper happy’, this likely means it’s time to pop into the podiatrist!

Too much digging can actually worsen the symptoms and increase the chances of infection.

On a lighter note, hopefully a silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic is the newfound appreciation we all have for the finer things in life and perhaps those luxurious self-care institutions we take for granted.

But also for our friends, our families, our teachers, our colleagues and most importantly all the doctors, nurses and health professionals on the front lines. Thank you, and if you need a podiatry pedicure, you know where to find us!

Book in your podiatry pedicure in Melbourne CBD, Pascoe Vale Monbulk or Emerald.

After your podiatry pedicure where are your feet going to take you next?

Where are your feet going to take you?

🏔 Up a mountain?🏖 To the beach?🏉 To the footy?🍻 To the pub?When we can all get out and about safely, where are your feet going to take you?

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