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a podiatrist providing a pedicure in melbourne and cutting the big toenail carefully

Pedicure in Melbourne

Looking for a pedicure in Melbourne? Our podiatrists can’t wait to treat your feet!

If you have long toe nails that are difficult to trim, or hard skin on your feet known as callus, you’ve probably been tempted to get a pedicure. 

Oh, let’s say once, twice or maybe one hundred times in your life!

A pedicure is a great procedure where you can have the skin and nails attended to on your feet.

But, there are a few traps. 

Not all pedicures are equal.

As podiatrists we hear some absolute horror stories every week. From people getting fungal nail or skin lesions. Or receiving painful cuts to their skin. Sometimes bacterial infections. 

Well, a little known service that podiatrists provide is an alternative to a salon pedicure. 

Called a MediPedi, or a nail and skin treatment, podiatrists are able to use our skills with sterile, surgical instruments to obtain that healthy, fresh feet feeling.

There are some clear differences between salon pedicures and a podiatrist pedicure in Melbourne.

What To Expect

At a podiatrist you will be welcomed to an inviting clinical space. Comfortable treatment chairs and medical grade equipment await your feet.

Podiatrists are experts in all things feet so you can expect an assessment of your foot structure, joints, shape, shoes and more. 

A group of comfortable circulation tests will be undertaken to ensure your blood flow to your feet is optimal for a pedicure.

Depending on your foot history, you might be inclined to undertake gait assessments, look at exercise therapies or orthotics if you and your podiatrist identify any goals relating to your foot needs.

But the pedicure, that’s what you’re there for.

Your podiatrist will expertly identify any nail or skin lesions which can be managed with the ultimate precision.

Cutting toenails, trimming back unwanted callus and management of your cuticles. Shaving or debridement of hard skin, enucleating (this means getting rid of) corns. Buffing and burring of nails and skin to have them smooth, shiny, comfortable and looking their best. Application of appropriate moisturisers and emollients with gentle massage.

A podiatrist pedicure in Melbourne is a dry procedure so there is no soaking and transmission of fungal pathogens (tinea pedis or onychomycosis). 

Podiatrists are experts in surgical techniques so the equipment used will be either single use or sterilise. Our instruments are sterilised to the same standards as our fellow surgical professions.

What You Won’t Get

During a podiatry pedicure in Melbourne you definitely will not get these two things.

  1. A fungal infection from cross contamination of equipment
  2. Your nails painted

Us podiatrists sure love to put to practice our fine skills with instruments however handling the responsibility of colour palette decisions and applications is outside our comfort zone!

If getting a colour, shellac or varnish treatment on your toenails is part of your plan then many of our clients will book a session with their nail spa just after their podiatry pedicure.

The Cost of Your Pedicure in Melbourne

A podiatry pedicure in Melbourne is incredible value as a 30 minute session is the same as a podiatry consultation fee. The range for a podiatry consultation is  between $80 and $110. The variance relates to the location where you see your podiatrist.

As your pedicure procedure is completed by a podiatrist there are rebates available. If you have private health insurance with extras cover for podiatry you will be eligible for a rebate. 

All our clinics have on the spot claiming. When you attend for your pedicure procedure you’ll only have to pay the gap fee. That is, the difference between what your private health insurer charges and the total fee

Also, if you have a referral for podiatry from your GP relating to a chronic disease you could be eligible to claim a medicare rebate.

The Locations

Our podiatrists are available across 2 locations in Melbourne CBD as well as the suburbs of Pascoe Vale, Emerald and Monbulk.

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