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A Medi Pedi For Summer Feet

Well, we’ve finally made it. Spring has sprung, daylight savings has begun and that northerly breeze is entering our lungs. Summer is coming and it’s about time we all prepare for it!

For me, summer is the best time of the year. Beach visits, plenty of sun, with test cricket and the Aussie Open in our sights. But, as the summer months draw closer, us podiatrists tend to notice a pick-up in patient levels.

Why? You ask.

Well, after months of keeping our feet rugged up in our favourite closed-toe shoes, we’re ready to expose them to the world and slip on those comfy Birkenstocks! On that first sunny October day, we whack on those slides, look down at our free, liberated feet and… what?? Where did that callus come from? Why are my toenails so jagged? These manky hooves could really do with some TLC! …

And that’s where we come in… let me tell you about the Medi Pedi.

While podiatrists are known for our treatment of foot injuries and biomechanical concerns, what some people don’t know is that we actually specialise in what I like to call, the “Medi Pedi”, also known as a “medical pedicure”. If you visit us in clinic, we can painlessly use a scalpel blade to debride any painful corns or callus. We can trim those toenails to perfection, making them an ideal canvas for that neon pink nail polish we know you want to rock all season long. We can also assist with any other skin queries you may have, such as fungal infections and dermatological concerns. Ingrown toenails? No thanks – we can help you out with those, too! Within the half hour with your PridePlus Podiatrist, you’ll be swapping the sneakers for the slides and embracing your new career as a foot model – you can thank us later! 

A Medi Pedi can be just the start of healthy summer feet

Podiatrists can also test for adequate blood flow, and nerve sensation, which become important when we’re spending most of our days barefoot by the beach and pool. Adequate nerve sensation is vital for the body to recognise when the seashells are too sharp, or the tiles around the pool are a little too warm. These nerves send warning signals to our brain that perhaps it’s time to put some shoes on before we nick ourselves on those shells or burn ourselves on the flaming tiles. In the unfortunate event that we do sustain an injury by the beach or pool, the feet must have decent blood flow in order for these injuries to heal.

After a Medi Pedi, summer shoes are also really important

When it comes to summer, we all know how tempting it is to resort straight to those Havaianas flip-flops, whose stands are miraculously maneuvered to the entrance of every surf shop at around this time of year! After spending the winter months in our structured closed-toe shoes, it can be a shock to our feet when we suddenly transition into a flat thong, with no arch support and where our toes are forced to clench for dear life to prevent the shoe from falling off. Consider visiting footwear stores such as ‘Bared’ or ‘Frankie4’ for some podiatrically sound alternatives. In addition, ‘Birkenstocks’ sandals and ‘Archies’ thongs tend to have a more pronounced arch contour than those Havaianas. For those looking for a more rugged and active option, you can’t go past the ECCO sports sandals. 

Summer foot germs: How to care for your feet before and after a medi pedi

In summer, given all the time our feet will be spending near refreshing (but public) bodies of water, it’s also important to make sure we’re keeping our feet clean. Nasties such as bacteria and fungi and virus’ love moist environments. Make sure you’re always giving your feet a good scrub with warm water and use a soap free wash. After washing, making sure you’re drying them thoroughly after showers and visiting the pool is vital. Interdigital moisture (moisture between the toes) can cause maceration and create little breaks in the skin. These breakages act as optimal portals for the aforementioned nasties to weasel their way into your skin. If you do notice some interdigital maceration, or little breaks in the skin, try visiting your local chemist for some Betadine. Placing a small amount between your toes can have both an antiseptic effect as well as aiding in drawing out some of the moisture. 

And of course, if your winter feet need a summer makeover, book in with one of the PridePlus Podiatrists for your Medi Pedi! We can’t wait to get you summer-ready.

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