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Why Choose PridePlus Health

Why choose PridePlus Health?

Well, if you’re in need of the best podiatry, physiotherapy or exercise physiology to help you achieve your goals you’re in need of the team at PridePlus Health.

At PridePlus Health our team has the knowledge, experience, and genuine passion for you to achieve whatever it is you set your mind & body too.

We start by taking Pride in you – which reflects the Pride we place in ourselves.

Our team are recognised as leaders in their fields with consistent professional development, working across tertiary education and bringing a diverse range of backgrounds and personalities to health care.

This allows us to get to your core goals.

What is it that you’re in need of guidance with?

Is it to get back to walking pain free with your dogs?

Or maybe you’ve injured yourself on the court?

Trying to improve your quality of life as you manage a chronic disease?

For every reason you seek out our care, you can be sure to know that we will work with you to achieve your amazing.

Where are your feet going to take you?

🏔 Up a mountain?🏖 To the beach?🏉 To the footy?🍻 To the pub?When we can all get out and about safely, where are your feet going to take you?

Posted by PridePlus Health on Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Team Approach

The days are long gone where you go and see one person only when you’re having trouble.

No elite sports club has a coach run the water, teach the skills, build the strength and sell the memberships. Your caring team at PridePlus Health is no different.

We work for you by leaning into our excellence

That could be a podiatrist expertly assessing your gait, prescribing orthotics or coordinating your footwear solutions.

Or our physiotherapy team getting hands on, assessing your injury and providing pain relief and rehabilitation exercises.

And our exercise physiologists (EP’s) who are the masters of change. Changes to lifestyles, loading and mindsets. Ensuring new positive habits are formed, getting exercise back into your life.

Reach Your Goals

17% of all cases of depression can be prevented with only 60 minutes of exercise per week.Most of us aren't getting that much, let alone our recommended minimums.We will help you reach your goals.🖥 Online | 🏥 In Clinic🏋🏽 #Physiotherapy🏃🏼‍♀️ #Exercise Physiology👣 #Podiatryhttps://prideplus.com.au/clinics/online-telehealth/

Posted by PridePlus Health on Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Knowledge is power.

We absolutely thrive in the application of our knowledge of conditions, the body, our minds and our treatments. But what is most empowering is the knowledge we can impart on you for you to learn your truth about your health. 

It might be learning what loading is safe and effective to rehabilitate an injury. 

Or which shoes you need to wear to run a PB or pain free.

Or it could be the knowledge that you share with us.

Your experiences of pain, of positivity, of life.

This sharing of information allows us to work with you and tick off your goals.

And it’s pretty rewarding and special for us to hear back all that you’ve achieved as well. 

We’re Available

In Melbourne CBD we are conveniently located on Collins street.

In Melbourne’s North we have our Pascoe Vale clinic where you can see our team 7 days per week.

We also have our knowledge base online. You can learn all about different conditions, treatments and options by checking out our blog which is updated regularly and be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for updates.

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