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treat your mum on mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

At PridePlus Health we have three great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all our mum’s out there.

This year, of all years Mother’s day is going to be special. Many of us are missing our mums in this time of social distancing and isolation. 

Maybe mum is in another state.

Or mums in a nursing home.

Or mum lives 2 doors up but you can’t sit down at your childhood kitchen table and enjoy a cuppa and a chat like we used to.

While we’re not yet able to return to spending that quality mum time together, we can look out for our mums out there by providing them with some much needed support and pampering.

Let me share a few options with you.

Treat Mum’s Feet

If your mum is like my mum, she’s not one to complain about anything. Well, maybe that’s a slight stretch. There’s been a few complaints noted about certain children and certain answering of phone calls, no names.

This Mother’s Day why not treat mum’s feet to a session with our podiatrists

All Mum’s could do with either the TLC that a podiatrist can provide with our expert medical pedicure skills and therapeutic massage.

Or maybe your mum gets foot pain which limits her day to day life? 

Our podiatrists can assess and treat your mum’s feet so that they no longer give her pain and grief like her children sometimes do.

treat mum's feet on mother's day gift idea

If you think your mum would love some podiatry as a mother’s day gift we can help.

Treat Mum’s Body

For those mums who like to be a little bit active and adventurous there’s another option. 

Think of a mum that may have gotten a little bit excited over Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app (a lack of shirtless Hemsworth’s doing the workouts has been noted by certain mothers).

These mum’s who are a bit sore with aches and pains would love a session with our hands on physiotherapists to provide their expert care. It might be a single physio session, or it could be a physio sports massage. 

Either way, your active mum will be ready for her next session with Chris Hemsworth and his cabal of fitness trainers.

treat mum's body on mother's day gift idea

To get your mum moving again a Mother’s Day gift of physiotherapy would no doubt be treasured.

Treat Mum’s Mind

Mum’s can recall everything. From that time you promised to be home by 11pm and came rolling in around 1am steaming. Or that birthday party when you were 6 where you cried because you didn’t want to eat the pickle on the hamburger. 

Our mum’s minds are sharp and the absolute authority on family history.

With social distancing and isolation our minds can struggle as we don’t get all the good brain food we usually need. Connection with others and physical activity are paramount for healthy minds.

With this in mind treat your mum’s mind to Exercise Physiology sessions, either one-on-one or in a small, safe and supportive group. 

treat mum's mind on mother's day gift idea

Why not get your mum’s a Mother’s Day gift of exercise and a clear and happy mind.

Treat Your Mum With Pride

No matter whether you’re looking to treat your mum’s feet, body, mind or a combination of all 3 you can do that with our PridePlus Gift Cards.

Available in any denomination, your mum can use her gift card to treat her feet at our podiatrists, treat her body with our physios or her mind with our EP’s.

To purchase your Mother’s Day gift card online you will need to email us for us to process your card and payment securely. 

Simply send an email to team@prideplus.com.au and write Gift Card in the subject and we will get in contact with you.

Can’t wait to get out again?

Neither can we! Where are your feet going to take you when we get moving outside again?

Where are your feet going to take you?

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Posted by PridePlus Health on Tuesday, 28 April 2020