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how to get medicare funded exercise at home

Medicare Funded Exercise at Home

I hope everyone is staying safe and staying in when possible. In this post I’m here to offer some solutions to age old challenges, with a very 2020 twist. We all need to be staying active for our health, but can we get Medicare funded exercise at home

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Right now, we are going through the most significant disruption to our lives most of us have ever had to live through.

Our routines are all over the place. 

The local gym? Closed.

Swimming pools? Closed.

Golf courses (in Vic)? Closed.

Even getting the push bike out of the garage is getting difficult. Riding in groups is no longer allowed, and the once quiet suburban bike paths around Melbourne are absolutely chock-a-block full.

There is plenty of innovation happening at this time, exciting trends where people are finding new ways to exercise for health and well being.

Gyms are providing online classes. 

Youtube yoga sessions are getting more views than ever.

And now, our exercise experts, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are providing telehealth sessions so you can work out in the comfort and safety of your own home.

EPs Not Apps

Exercising alone? We all need a personal connection, a real person to support, coach and nurture us.We're offering free initial telehealth sessions with our EP & Physios to help you exercise, strengthen and motivate your way to your goals at home.https://prideplus.com.au/clinics/online-telehealth/

Posted by PridePlus Health on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

As EP’s and Physiotherapists are recognised and regulated health professions, you might be able to get a medicare rebate so you’re not out of pocket when seeing the best exercise professionals.


Getting a medicare rebate for physio or EP is not as simple as flashing your medicare card on your telehealth session. There’s a couple of little things to check off first.

How To Get Medicare Funded Exercise at Home

(If you’re eligible)

  1. To get a medicare rebate for EP or Physio you must have a Chronic Medical Condition and a management plan written up by your GP.
    • Examples of chronic medical conditions include arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression & anxiety. All of which can be effectively treated with exercise.
    • You used to have to go to your doctor and have them write up your management plan in person. Now, the federal government is encouraging GP’s to do telehealth consultations over the phone to reduce the risk of virus transmission when attending clinics.
  2. Once you have your plan, your physio or EP must sign that they agree to take part in the management of your chronic medical condition and let your doctor know in writing,
  3. After this has happened and your physio or EP has done their part you can claim up to 5 medicare rebates in a calendar year.
    • This is 5 rebates for all allied health in total. If you have already seen say a podiatrist 2 times in 2020 you will only be able to claim another 3 rebates for any other allied health professional for the remainder of the year.
how to get medicare funded exercise at home flow chart and check list

So, if you want to get started with the best exercise professionals straight away you can book in for your free initial telehealth session here.

If you’re looking to get some assistance and have medicare funded exercise at home then start by arranging a time with your doctor for a telehealth session to request your referral and management plan if you’re eligible.