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exercises for high blood pressure

The Right Exercises For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and a leading contributor to premature death and disability.

exercises for high blood pressure hypertension

Have you or someone you love been told by a GP that you have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

So what is it?

And what does it mean?

What can be done to reduce it?

And surely there is there a health professional other than my GP that can help me?

YES – An EP will help with all of the above

As experts in chronic disease management, EP’s are on the front line with clients every day as well as on the lookout for the latest evidence. In December 2018, the following review was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which provides us with great clarity regarding the effects of exercise on blood pressure.

exercise for high blood pressure

So what are the Facts

  • Regular exercise is essential to prevent, manage and reduce high blood pressure
  • Men and women who participate in regular exercise have a 24% – 27% lower risk of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) than those who don’t participate in regular exercise
  • Heart failure, stroke, heart disease are types of cardiovascular disease and are treated best with lifestyle modifications. And exercise is at the top of the list for evidence-based treatments. Regular exercise is a great way of treating and preventing high blood pressure
  • High Blood Pressure is more likely to develop in people who are physically inactive. This includes the overweight (BMI>30 KG/m2) or waist circumference >100 cm (men) or 90 cm (women). Also, people who consume excessive salt (dietary sodium >2.4 g / d) or alcohol (>2 standard drinks for men or >1 standard drink for women).

Our choices directly impact our health and making better decisions is important in the fight against high blood pressure.

Exercise can also be useful in unmasking hidden high blood pressure. 

What is an EP?

An Exercise Physiologist excels at exercise prescription for the management and prevention of chronic disease, injury and illness. We are THE experts when it comes to Chronic Disease management and lifestyle modification!

Why choose an EP?

You need an evidence-based exercise routine. And you need a combination of resistance exercise and cardiovascular / endurance exercise to manage high blood pressure. Walking alone isn’t as effective as doing both. An EP will teach you safely and efficiently the best ways to exercise and stay injury free.

How do I see an EP?

If you have Hypertension, you could be eligible for Medicare rebateable consultations. To receive a rebate you must have a referral from your GP.

If you’re not eligible for a Medicare rebate, there are some great value options to improve your blood pressure management as well. You can learn more here.