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knee pain treatment at home from our physio with the PEAK program

Knee Pain Treatment: PEAK at Pride

Knee Pain Treatment – PEAK @ Pride. Book in your now with our skilled physiotherapists for your first session free. Hurry, limited spaces left for May 2020.

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Knee Pain Treatment Online at Home

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Posted by PridePlus Health on Wednesday, 15 April 2020

It’s easy to be envious of people who don’t have to think about their knees. Jealous of those who don’t have to consider any knee pain treatment. It’s also easy to imagine that your own knee problems are just part of getting older, something you have to get used to.

Those of us with knee issues often have a chin-up approach to it. That kind of resilient, soldier-on stoicism. What’s the use of complaining, no one will listen, we might say to ourselves with a shoulder shrug and a good dose of negativity?

We also know we are not alone. Almost half-a-million GP visits last year were for knee osteoarthritis. With so many people having knee pain, we just have to suck it up, right?

No, we don’t.

The good news is we don’t have to accept knee pain as part of our life. We can do something to alleviate that pain. There is help available.

Let me tell you about PEAK, knee pain treatment via telehealth.

PEAK @ Pride

With the right kind of program and support, there is every chance you will be able to continue to do the kinds of things you enjoy in life without being restricted by flare ups of pain which accompany knee osteoarthritis.

You don’t need an x-ray to diagnose knee osteoarthritis. An x-ray won’t show how much pain or stiffness you’re experiencing and it won’t help in deciding which treatments will be best for you. 

What you do need is a team of trusted health professionals who listen, understand and support you to manage your knee osteoarthritis.

PEAK is a handy acronym for Physiotherapy Exercise and physical Activity for Knee osteoarthritis. This is a proven and effective on-line program and PridePlus Health’s physiotherapists, Naveena and Dominic, have trained in the PEAK program through the University of Melbourne.

PEAK knee pain treatment involves five telehealth sessions delivered by our physiotherapists. It includes digital material on appropriate exercise, lifestyle and behavioural changes.

There is now no need to martyr yourself to your pain; you deserve every opportunity for good health and freedom of movement. Pain doesn’t have to be your lot in life.

Will PEAK Knee Pain Treatment Help Me?

use this flow chart to work out if our PEAK program knee pain treatment will work for you

Get in touch with us and have your first telehealth session free. Chat to Naveena and Dominic and find out how PEAK can help you.

After that, it’s five sessions.

There’s also an option to see your GP and ask for an EPC/CDM referral. That will give you five sessions rebated under Medicare.

Now is the perfect time to begin your knee pain treatment.

Telehealth sessions remove barriers to exercise and you can start to take charge of your knees, rather than have them ruling you. If you would like to learn more about preparing for your telehealth session have a read of this post.

Book in your online session with our physiotherapists here to start your knee pain treatment today.