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introducing melbourne CBD podiatrist ella wright

Introducing Melbourne CBD Podiatrist Ella Wright

Melbourne CBD podiatrist Ella Wright is the latest team member to join us at PridePlus Health. Ella brings a wealth of exceptional clinical experience and her winning attitude to all her podiatry sessions.

As an introduction we sat down for a short QandA to get to know Ella a little better.

QandA with podiatrist Ella

The transcript of our sit down in our Melbourne CBD podiatry clinic is below.

So Ella, a question that podiatrists get asked all the time, why Podiatry?

Why not? Podiatry is such a great profession! There is so much more to podiatry than just “looking at feet everyday”. 

For me, finishing high school I knew I wanted to work within the healthcare industry and I knew a few podiatrists, so I had an insight into the complexity of podiatry as a profession.

I love that as a podiatrist I can treat a wide range of conditions, whether it be someone with a tendon injury, an ingrown toenail or someone with a complex diabetic foot.

As podiatrists we can help people in so many ways! There is nothing more rewarding than helping patients get back on their feet pain free! 

At PridePlus in Melbourne CBD we see many of our clients from diverse population groups, with many different problems. How do you personalise your service?

I think it’s really important to listen to my patients’ concerns and needs so we can establish some goals to work towards. No two people are the same, so I like to be able to “paint a picture” of each individual.

It’s important for the patient to understand how their individual factors, such as lifestyle, movement, health and footwear are affecting their concerns. With this understanding I can work as a team with the patient to help them achieve their goals and therefore improve their overall quality of movement and quality of life. 

Let’s talk injuries. Is there anything that we can do as sub-elite and weekend warrior level sportswomen and men to help reduce our own injury risks?

Incorporating some level of resistance training into your weekly routine is a great way to strengthen your muscles and tendons to help reduce injury. If you have particular concerns it is always a great start to have a session with a podiatrist, physio or EP so get a thorough assessment done and a resistance program can be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals.

As health professionals we can also communicate with your gym trainers or coaches (if applicable) to ensure that the outcomes are optimal. 

And at the risk of alienating the majority of our audience, favourite team(s)?

AFL – Western Bulldogs 

Favourite book?

I recently read ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris. For someone who usually isn’t a fast reader, this book only took me a couple of days to get through, I enjoyed it so much. 

Favourite movie?

To be honest I’m not much of a movie buff, however I do watch a range of TV series! I particularly love a few of the nordic series that are on SBS on demand. One that comes to the top of mind that I really enjoyed is a Danish series called ‘The Bridge’. – Great choice, Saga Noren is the best!

And now for a free bit of podiatry advice please Ella. I’m excited to travel again and I think I’ll be walking a lot more on the uneven cobblestone streets of Europe. Any tips?

If walking isn’t something you regularly do already, start walking in the months leading up to your trip. This way your body can get used to the load walking has on your body before your trip.

It would be horrible to get an injury in the first week of your holiday just because you have increased your load too much, too fast.

Thanks Ella, anything else to add? 

Thanks Tim, one thing I will add is that I often hear people say after an initial appointment “well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. As mentioned above, as health professionals, we are here to help and work WITH you, not against you.

If you’re considering seeing a podiatrist please don’t hesitate to, it might be a move that changes your life for the better!


If you’re looking for a Melbourne CBD podiatrist Ella is taking on new clients on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You can choose an appointment time that suits you online or give us a call.