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pascoe vale physio mouhamed wants to help you feel better

Introducing Pascoe Vale Physio Mouhamed

Your Pascoe Vale physiotherapy team is thrilled to offer your more sessions with Pascoe Vale physio Mouhamed Ziftawi. Mouhamed brings his caring touch and encouraging support to your sessions where he’s looking forward to helping you feel better.

As an introduction we sat down for a short chat to get to know Mouhamed.

QandA with Pascoe Vale Physio Mouhamed

The transcript of our sit down in our Pascoe Vale clinic is below.

So Mouhamed, a question that physiotherapists get asked all the time, why physio?

Well it’s a bit of a long answer.

I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. I initially graduated high-school with the goal of becoming a Pharmacist. However, throughout that journey at university, I discovered that Pharmacy wasn’t for me. So I made the switch to Civil Engineering, which I thought I would enjoy as it was a hobby of mine to learn about structures and buildings, physics and maths.

But I soon realised that I should have kept it as a hobby.

So, throughout that time I started to get involved in the gym and learning about the human body. So my passion for that grew and i wondered, how can i turn my passion into a career, and i thought, why not physiotherapy , and the rest is history i guess.

At Pride in Pascoe Vale we see many of our valued clients from diverse population groups, with many different problems. How do you personalise your service?

I make sure I treat the person, not their problem.

Oftentimes, when people present with an issue that’s causing them pain or discomfort, we focus on treating that specific problem rather than the person themselves, who come to us with different beliefs and understandings of their problems.

I believe in supporting my clients with appropriate education, utilising a holistic approach and incorporating their motives and beliefs into their recovery process. This is how together we create the best opportunity and pathway for them to get better.

Let’s talk injuries. Is there anything that we can do as sub-elite and weekend warrior level sportswomen and men to help reduce our own injury risks?

Yes, of course.

Having a better understanding of injuries and how to prevent them can come a long way in helping people enjoy and continue doing the activities they love in a safer manner and for longer.

Consulting with your local EP, Podiatrist and Physiotherapist is the best way for you to get the information and tools you need to help you with this journey.

When heading in to see your clinician, have a think before hand what you really want to get out of the session too. Is it preventing an injury at all costs, or taking a few risks to run faster or compete at a higher level. This will help your physio, EP or podiatrist personalise your plan.

And at the risk of alienating the majority of our audience, favourite team(s)?

I’m not the fan I once used to be, but I am still a Collingwood supporter. (Tim – shakes head)

Favourite book?

I’m not much of a reader to be honest. The last book I did enjoy was called Maus. But other than that, I haven’t read a book since. I much rather compete with others gaming than reading on my own.

Favourite movie?

Avengers Infinity War.

And now for some physio advice please Mouhamed. What are your 3 most useful pieces of advice for rehabilitating injuries at home?

  • I understand that sometimes life gets in the way. However, establishing a routine and structure in your daily life is a tool I have found and recommend to others that helps them with completing their rehabilitation programs at home. 
  • It is important to understand that the rehabilitation process of an injury is a marathon, not a sprint. Try to set smaller milestones along the way and chip away at these milestones to help keep you motivated, and give you that boost to smash that marathon. 
  • Lastly, enjoy the process and have trust in your health practitioner. We truly want you to succeed! Let them guide you to be the best version of yourself. Never be afraid to ask questions or wanting to change things up if you aren’t enjoying it and are not seeing progress. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Thanks Mouhamed, anything else to add?

Thanks Tim, I look forward to helping our local community in Pascoe Vale achieve some great goals.


If you’re looking for a Pascoe Vale physio Mouhamed is taking on new clients with session times available on Weekdays and Weekends as well.

You can choose an appointment time that suits you online or give us a call.