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emerald and monbulk podiatry update april 2022

Emerald & Monbulk Podiatry Update

It’s been a turbulent 5 years up in the Hills for the team at PridePlus Health. Over that time we’ve helped thousands of new friends feel better with our podiatry treatments.

Starting April 1st, 2022 we’re updating our prices for the first time in 5 year to continue to offer our leading podiatry services.

At Pride we work hard to ensure you get great outcomes. With the average initial podiatry session across Victoria costing $108 we’re able to come in well under that.

Podiatry SessionCustom Foot Orthotics Shockwave Session
$95 (30 minutes)$490 (Light)$95 (30 minutes)
$80 (health care card/pensioner)$570 (Comfort)$80 (health care care/pensioner)
$750 (Duo)

This pricing update will ensure we’re able to offer exceptional podiatry care, sustainably to our communities in Emerald & Monbulk. We’ve worked hard to deliver the best value for you and your podiatry care.

We’ll continue to offer on the spot claiming for private health insurance (so you only have to pay the gap) and we will process your medicare rebates to you on your behalf.

To schedule your next podiatry session with our team in the Hills you can call us on 03 9068 0966 or choose a time that suits you online.

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  • Monbulk Podiatry Session

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