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Our Gym In Pascoe Vale – The Strong Room

Our EP, Physio and Podiatry Run Gym in Pascoe Vale

If you’re looking for a gym in Pascoe Vale to help you achieve your goals then look no further. 

Let me introduce you to The Strong Room and the health team who can get you achieving your goals.

Firstly, let’s get one thing out of the way. This gym in Pascoe Vale is not your big box gym full of daunting machines, sweaty stare-ers and that “tsssssch” sound people make when picking up crate loads of steel.

our gym in pascoe vale is for people wanting a personal experience, not a big box gym

In our gym you will only find qualified health professionals. Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and even Podiatrists who all use their clinical acumen to help you achieve your amazing.

We use our years of study, experience and knowledge of the human body and mind to get you where you want to go. This might be training up to run a personal best time in the next fun run. Or it could be rehabilitating a niggly injury to your back. Maybe it’s getting ready for another football season or working on your health with weight loss in mind.

Our team members work with you one on one to establish your plan. From there, the options for you are to continue to have your health professional be your personal guide in the gym or move into our small group classes. In the classes you will be with no more than 5 other people working on your own programs in a supportive environment.

By now you’re probably all fired up to get into our gym in Pascoe Vale but I’m sure you have questions. Let’s get into our most frequently asked questions about The Strong Room.

Pascoe Vale Gym FAQ

Where are you located?

Our gym in Pascoe Vale is located within our clinic at 124 Kent Rd. The large building of PVH Medical on the corner of Kent Rd and Joffre St is what you’re looking for. Inside you will be greeted by the friendly reception team who will guide you upstairs (of via the lift) to The Strong Room or your one on one session with an EP, physio or podiatrist.

a map of our gym in pascoe vale that is easy to find and park at

You’re all health professionals. Does this mean that my private health insurance or Medicare can cover my gym classes?

Absolutely, if you’re covered.

This means that if you have private health insurance with appropriate level of cover (for EP, physio or podiatry) you will be able to claim your rebate on the spot paying just (if any) gap payment.

With Medicare you do require a referral from your GP and there are some eligibility requirements. For all three of EP, physio and podiatry you must have a chronic medical condition to receive a rebate. You can learn more about this here relating to podiatry

For EP there is also the additional option of Medicare rebates if you have diabetes. Again, you need appropriate referrals from your GP which you can learn more about here.

What about workcover or worksafe or TAC?

There are no out of pocket expenses for those coming to our gym in Pascoe Vale under worksafe or TAC as long as the appropriate pathways are followed. This does vary per case, employer and insurer so it’s best to contact your agent or us directly if you’re not sure how to proceed.

How much does the gym cost?

The costs of attending the gym are $25 per class and then slightly different for one-on-one sessions depending on who you see. Our EP sessions are $80, Physio and Podiatry $95. This is the initial cost for an adult however we have a $15 discount for health care card holders and pensioners for physio and podiatry sessions. Also, this is the total cost, your actual cost will most likely be less if your private health insurer or medicare covers your therapy.

Do you have gym memberships?

We do not have memberships so you only have to pay for what you use. Come in twice one week but then away on holiday the next? No worries, you’re only going to be paying for the sessions you attend.

I live nearby but there doesn’t seem to be a gym in Glenroy quite like yours. How easy is to to park, bus or ride to your gym?

A large proportion of our clients come to us from surrounding suburbs as there is no gym in Glenroy or other suburbs that has the mix of professionals that we do. Parking is simple as we have onsite (enter off Joffre St) and on street parking. There’s the 513 bus route that runs past our clinic (less than 200m walk) which will take you from Glenroy station to our gym. We also have an increasing number of people who ride their bikes to our clinic. At this stage we have a small area to lock your bike up in the off street car park but with some pending renovations we will be expanding this very soon.

Next Up – Your Health Professionals In Our Pascoe Vale Gym

Exercise Physiologists

Mike Fitzsimon brings decades of experience, and Aidan Rogers a level of enthusiasm and care to you in the gym. There are many people who aren’t familiar with EP’s compared to physios and podiatrists as they have not been around as long, but let me tell you, EP’s are the health professionals we all need.

EP’s take at minimum a 4 year university degree and then they maintain registration with ESSA, the Exercise and Sports Science Australia body who ensures the integrity of the profession. If you combine this with the all the high quality evidence about the various roles that exercise plays in managing our health, happiness and well being and you have get one of the most important team members you can have in your corner.

Our EPs Mike & Aidan are the main drivers of our Pascoe Vale gym exercise programs and take most of our classes. A one on one consultation with our EPs will leave you feeling invigorated for your health and fitness journey. You can expect to be supported, challenged and listened to as you work towards your health goals.


Naveena Seethapathy & Mouhamed Ziftawi are our two physios who use our gym in Pascoe Vale to the fullest. As physios they know that a strategically planned and guided gym workout is required to rehabilitate most injuries we can get throughout our lives.

The role of a physio needs no introduction to most as physiotherapists make up the largest portion of all allied health. In saying this it can be nice to have a distinction as to the difference between a physio and an exercise physiologist. 

We like to think of it this way. 

If you’re acutely sore, have a new injury you need a diagnosis on or you need to have some more hands on therapy – book in with a physiotherapist.

EP’s are here for you when you already have a diagnosis and plan in place for your injury and need to move more. Or if you are looking at treating a chronic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure. And especially if you need to up your physical activity levels for your health and well being, weight loss or improve that fitness. These are the times you need to book in with an EP.


When I first started practicing as a podiatrist the idea that a podiatrist would use a gym was novel to many. Just how can a gym work out help with that sore corn or ingrowing toenail? Time, evidence and stereotypes change and now it would be unthinkable for a podiatrist to not use our gym.

See as podiatrists it’s out job to be experts on the foot, ankle and entire lower limb. This means that sore heel, that ankle sprain, even that forefoot callus you get needs some work in the gym.

Utilising treadmills for gait analysis, reformers and balance tools, weights, exercise bands and more us podiatrists can decrease pain and injury risk. When we couple this with a thorough plan of footwear, load optimisation, maybe orthotics and our gentle primary care your foot problems will be a thing of the past.

Booking in with our podiatrists in Pascoe Vale is easy and you’re spoiled for choice. We have a large team including Hannah Moloney, Gus McSweyn, Ben Westaway and even the old timer Tim Mulholland (guilty of a 3rd person reference).

When you make a booking you will be jumping into a one on one session and from there depending on your need at the time your podiatrist will get you into our gym and start your workout.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have a need for a gym in Pascoe Vale without the distractions and drama of a big box, but with the expertise of health professionals come and check us out.

For those unsure of where to start I’d recommend booking in for a one on one with our EP.

See you in the gym!