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how to treat heel pain at home guide from podiatrists

How To Treat Heel Pain At Home

Being unable to get out and about is no longer a reason to keep battling with heel pain. Not only are our podiatrists offering telehealth consultations, but there’s more. In this 6 page guide, How To Treat Heel Pain At Home you’ll learn about what you can do to fix your own sore heels.

guide on how to treat heel pain at home from podiatrists

What’s In The Guide?

In the guide you will find simple to follow instructions on how to treat heel pain at home. There’s links to informative content including:

As a fiercely independent person I love working through a problem myself.

Having heel pain and then following some quality advice to get it better gives a real sense of achievement.

If you’re like me then following along with our guide to treat your heel pain at home yourself should leave you feeling powerful.

If you’re someone who wants results by yesterday then you’ll benefit from having a session with our podiatrists.

You can do that in person in our Melbourne, Pascoe Vale or Emerald clinics. Also, if you’re anywhere in Australia with an internet connection you can get our podiatrists via telehealth.

Share The Love

The guide produced by our podiatrists is made up of years of clinical experience, staying true to the evidence, and a passion for helping people.

It’s meant to be read, meant to be shared.

Considering that more than one in ten of us will get heel pain during our lives, and that it can last longer than 5 years, chances are you know someone with a sore heel.

Please, share it along.

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What else can we treat at home?

It’s not just painful heels that can be treated effectively at home. Our physiotherapists have a great online program to treat sore or arthritic knees.

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If you suffer with knee pain or knee arthritis, or know someone who does check out PEAK. The first session with our physiotherapists online is free.