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How To Treat Shoulder Pain At Home

With access to gyms limited, it can be hard to treat shoulder pain if you don’t have the right equipment or know-how.

Well, it was hard to treat shoulder pain. Not anymore.

We have three great options for you to rehab and fix your sore shoulders.

  • Online Telehealth Physiotherapy
  • In Clinic Physiotherapy
  • And this Pride.Fix Shoulder Pain Guide

In this guide you will learn different exercises and drills to rehabilitate a sore shoulder. You can also use the knowledge within to bulletproof your shoulders from damage later on.

pride.fix shoulders how to treat shoulder pain at home guide

What’s In The Guide?

In the guide you will find simple to follow instructions on how to treat shoulder pain at home.

The information can help with:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Bursitis
  • Shoulder Arthritis

It might come as a surprise to a few to learn that exercises are the first line recommendation for treatment of these conditions.

It’s pretty incredible but we know from the evidence and clinical experience that even a complete rotator cuff tear can regain functional range of movement. With time, and with strong muscles even full range is possible.

Now, if you’re thinking – “I’ve been doing exercises already and my shoulder is not fixed. What gives?”

That’s a fair thought.

We know that just like medicine your exercises need to be

  1. Appropriate
  2. Titrated to the right dose
  3. And complete the course. Usually a minimum of 12 weeks for shoulders.

So there you have it. You can treat shoulder pain with appropriate rehabilitation exercises.

Check out the guide, visit us in clinic or jump online for a free initial telehealth session.

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The guide produced by our physiotherapists is made up of years of clinical experience, staying true to the evidence, and a passion for helping people.

It’s meant to be read, meant to be shared.

Considering that many of us will get shoulder pain during our lives, chances are you know someone with it.

For them, please, share it along.

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What else can we treat at home?

It’s not just shoulder pain that can be treated effectively at home. We also have a great online program to treat sore or arthritic knees.

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Then there is heel pain, that debilitating condition that gets 1 in 10 of us.

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