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how to book in with an exercise physiologist

How To Book In With an EP To Change Your Life


We know we need it. But what kind of exercise do we need?

How does a lift or a step or a paddle or a cycle affect our minds, our muscles, our bones our joints?

How do I fit the right exercise in my busy life?

EP’s, Exercise Physiologists are the professionals here to help.

To ensure ease of access to our EP service here’s a little chart explaining how to access the best EP’s in Pascoe Vale.

Initial Assessment

book with exercise physiologist

A 60-minute consultation one on one with our EP where you will sit down and discuss your history and your goals. Next, the fun begins where the assessment looking into the relevant physical tasks and a plan formulated for you to follow. Any barriers to your exercise are worked through and letters or notes to be sent off to other professionals are completed.

Your next steps are planned whether that be a one on one for more exercise therapy with the EP, joining a fantastic group class for your exercise, following up with a doctor, podiatrist or a physiotherapist.

Review Assessment

book with exercise physiologist

A 30 minute one on one consultation to follow up and escalate your exercise care. You can expect to be challenged in just the right ways.

Group Session

book exercise physiology group exercise classes

The fun stuff. Joining our groups of like-minded individuals where you can use the gym equipment under the watchful gaze of your EP to ensure excellent technique and keep you motivated.

The Cost

Initial Assessment – $85 Full Fee. $75 For Health Care Card Holders
Review Assessment – $55
Group Session – $20
A SUPERPASS can be purchased for $200 that will get you 11 groups sessions.

Fees are payable on the day of the consultation.

Private Health Insurance rebates apply and coverage differs per fund, per person. HiCaps facilities are available to ensure you only pay the gap on the day.

Medicare rebates are available to clients who are referred under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (Also known as CDM or EPC Plans) with $52.95 per consultation rebated to eligible clients. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure an eligible plan is arranged as the full fee is to be paid on the day and the rebate paid directly from Medicare to you the client.

Medicare rebates are available to clients referred for Group Services for both a one on one session and up to 8 group sessions per year. Again, this referral needs to be arranged prior to your session.

There are no out of pocket fees for DVA clients with an active referral from their GP.

So what are you waiting for? Book in with our expert EP’s today.

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