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picture of a tape measure around some hand weights as the experts explain the best way to lose weight

The Best Way To Lose Weight

What is the best way to lose weight is a question I’ve been asked a lot during my career as an Exercise Physiologist (EP).

Over the years I have been fortunate to share many weight loss journeys.

There’s been the successes and naturally, some failures.

I’ve learnt so much with my clients about the best ways to lose weight.

As well as all about my clients and a bit about myself along the way too.

For most of us, effective weight loss is achievable if we follow a basic set of rules.

These rules create the pathway to success.

Stay on the path or close to it and you’ll be get there.

My 9 Rules For The Best Way To Lose Weight

🙋‍♂️Have an exercise plan

Start with a weight loss expert.

An Exercise Physiologist (EP) is trained in behaviour change and will design an evidence based exercise plan to help you lose weight.

Your EP will help you work through the difficult aspects of the plan, giving you greater understanding of how to perform it and keep doing it.

📈📉Expect to have ups and downs

We’re not robots. Nobody improves all the time, rarely do we improve quickly.

All of us will experience ups and downs when trying for weight loss.

Our weight can fluctuate by as much as 3 kg per day depending on a host of factors, so focus on the trend improving, rather than the actual numbers.

I don’t recommend weighing yourself more than once per week.

📔Develop a routine and stick to it

Plan ahead.

Allow time for the amount of exercise needed to lose weight.

Schedule it in your diary.

Everyone’s busy so if you don’t make time for your weight loss exercise, you’re not giving yourself a chance.

If you can come up with an excuse not to exercise because you’re too busy, you’re probably not ready to successfully lose weight. Work with your EP on why this is the case, overcome, plan and develop that routine.

🏋️‍♀️Pump iron

Resistance training is essential to losing weight.

At least 2 x 30 minute bouts per week of lifting weights, using resistance bands, or performing body weight exercises is essential to lose weight.

Your EP will teach you how to lift effectively and safely.

🤝Have a strong relationship with your EP

You need to check in your EP. It might be weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

This helps you to stay on track (remember the pathway?)

We all do better with support and do worse when we go it alone, so stay connected with your EP.

You can do private lessons or be part of a group of like minded people.

🎒Do your homework

Keep practicing the plan and the routine.

It will need adjusting regularly as life is lumpy.

Some days and weeks there’s opportunities for more, others less.

Changing and adapting plans work well – rigid plans do not.

Use your diary to track your progress and talk to your EP about the routine.

Oh, and trust the process.

😴Sleep well

Wind down 2 hours before bed and wake up energised the next day.

Get up at the same time everyday and stick to it.

When you don’t sleep well, seek help.

Remember exercise and weight loss help you sleep better, and sleeping better helps you exercise and lose weight.

Get this flywheel spinning your way and you’re on track.

❓Re-visit your WHY

Go back and check why you are doing this?

To understand that you need to look inside yourself and ask “why my weight loss is important to me?”

This will help you stay focused on the process, the routine and the plan.

Talk to your EP – we love to discuss the whys with you.

If you understand your purpose it’s easier to stick to the pathway.

🎉Celebrate your wins

When you have a win, enjoy it!

Tell your loved ones, write a note to yourself explaining how good you feel.

Be grateful for the achievement and recognise the hard work you have put in.

My Final Thoughts

After decades in the weight loss game as an EP there’s not many things more rewarding than helping someone achieve their desired goals.

There’s something intriguing that happens to all those people who lose weight.

At first, people come to me as their EP with their goal to lose “x” amount of weight. It’s a natural starting point for so many health transformations.

Somewhere along the journey as we stick to the plan and shed the kilograms those goals change.

We achieve the weight loss sure, but with the increased energy, vitality and fitness that comes with the weight loss new goals start popping up.

Things like running a marathon at 55.

Being comfortable at the local pool again.

Walking through the shopping centre without having to stop to rest.

We all start out thinking it’s the weight, which is a part of the process. But trusting the process of getting back in love with movement and our bodies will set you up for life.

If you’re looking to join me or our EPs on your weight loss journey we have a few limited places left to take on new clients.

You can book in online or contact us via our socials or the phone.

Details are on our clinics page here.