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lockdown 3.0

Lockdown 3.0

Pride Fam! We’ve got this!

A huge thanks to every one keeping each other safe, keeping our community safe.

Our team is glad to be here to do our part as well.

This means that until Thursday 18th February we will not be offering any face-to-face in clinic sessions. All our dear clients who had sessions scheduled will be contacted and offered a session as soon as possible.

Our team will offer telehealth sessions until close of clinics on Wednesday evening for everyone.

We understand that for a lot of us, telehealth is an incredible way to access the care, advice and exercise that we need.

But it doesn’t work for all.

So if telehealth is not your bag we’ll add extra clinical hours over the next couple of weeks to ensure everyone who needs a session, gets a session.

A question we’ve been asked while we’ve been busy contacting our clients over the last 24 hours is what about an emergency?

Well, right now in Victoria all allied health in private practice are doing our bit and not offering face to face. Our colleagues in the public hospital system are doing theirs to cover any emergency presentations.

That means in Melbourne contacting your GP for a phone call, your allied health clinician for telehealth or heading to ED are your emergency options.

If you have any questions you can reach out via email or the socials, or dive into a phone call with us on 📞 (03) 9068 0966.

Stay safe Melbourne!

Take care, take pride.