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pascoe vale podiatrist hannah sits down and answers your questions

Pascoe Vale Podiatrist Hannah QandA

Pascoe Vale podiatrist Hannah Moloney and I sat down to discuss the big questions that every podiatrist gets asked, every single day. Yes, we get that some people don’t like feet… but some of us really like helping the people they are attached to!

So Hannah, a question that podiatrists often get asked, why podiatry? 

Great question, well my Grandma had diabetes so would visit the local podiatrist quite regularly for treatment of the wounds on her feet. I would also cut my Grandad’s nails for him as he had trouble reaching his feet.

From these experiences with my grandparents I knew about the profession and understood the impact that conditions of the feet can have on people’s lives.

I also liked the idea of the variety that a job in the podiatry field offered, from general treatments to sports injuries to nail surgeries, there is always something different that presents itself and requires problem solving to get the best result.

That’s deep, so how does this philosophy translate to a podiatry consultation in Pascoe Vale?

One thing that really stuck out about my Grandma’s visits to the podiatrist was the connection she and her podiatrist had. It wasn’t just an appointment to her it was a catch up and a social outing for her as well.

I feel like this has translated into my podiatry care as I like the clients who come to see me to feel comfortable and enjoy their session with me.

It just may be the social outing that they may need for their day whilst also attending to their podiatric concerns, which is especially relevant to the COVID times we are currently facing today.

How does your personal academic, family and sporting history influence your podiatry practice? 

I think the main thing that influences my practice is that I understand the importance and value of being listened to. Understanding what my client has been through previously to get to the point in which they walk into the treatment room.

I know that it is important to find out the treatments and outcomes that the patient has previously tried to find out what worked and what didn’t. 

It can be very frustrating for someone to come to a new appointment for a condition they have been struggling with for a long time to be just given the same intervention that they had been given last time which they said didn’t work.

At PridePlus Health in Pascoe Vale we see many of our valued clients from diverse population groups, with many different problems. How do you personalise your service?

I try to find the goal of the patient and what that individual patient wants to get out of their appointment. Two patients can come in with the same injury/condition but their goals can be very different which then means the treatment plan will also differ between the two.

I also strive to not only treat the presenting problem but to find the cause of the problem in the first place. This again can change between two patients as they can have the same issue (e.g plantar fasciitis) but have two separate causes for the injury to develop again meaning two separate treatment plans.

As podiatrists we love shoes. What are your three favourite shoes at the moment?

Best Shoe For Running

Brooks Glycerins

Best Shoe For Work


Best Shoe For Home/Socialising/Something else…

To be honest I would probably go back to my Brooks Glycerins, because I pretty much wear my runners every chance I get!

Apart from that I love my Bared heeled boots for special occasions.

And at the risk of alienating the majority of our audience, favourite team(s)?

AFL: North Melbourne 😓

NBA: Utah Jazz

Thanks Hannah!

Pascoe Vale podiatrist Hannah is available for podiatry consultations Monday to Friday. You can book online here, or call our friendly reception team to secure your podiatry appointment today.