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monbulk podiatry announcement

Monbulk Podiatry Announcement

We’re thrilled to make this Monbulk podiatry announcement.

July 2020.

We’ve marked that date down in our calendar as a special one for our Allied Health team.

We’re going to be expanding our podiatry offering to our friends who live in the Hill’s, with the opening of our Monbulk Podiatry Clinic.

In Monbulk, our clinic is next door to the Monbulk Family Clinic where the team has been providing exceptional general practice medicine for years.

Our Monbulk Podiatry Team

Our inaugural podiatrists working in Monbulk are Ryan Cornwall and Laura Ward.

A few of you will recognise Ryan as a friendly face who has worked in Monbulk (with MSE Podiatry), Emerald and Rowville for years. Ryan’s excited to bring his talents back to Monbulk and see many old friends.

Laura’s joining our team in Monbulk after a few years working in Camberwell. Laura brings to every podiatry session her talents as a podiatrist, and charm as a person to ensure you and your feet are valued and cared for.

What To Expect?

Our Monbulk podiatrists are true professionals who understand the importance of foot health on our daily lives. When you come through the clinic you will experience the care and expertise for all manner for foot and ankle conditions.

We use modern diagnostic tools including video gait analysis, 3D laser scanning, 3D printing of custom foot orthotics, advanced vascular testing through absolute toe pressures, and so much more.

At PridePlus Health we can get as excited as the next person about new technology however we know that if the tech is not used well, or understood by those who practice with it it’s not worth the effort. This is why we love discussing the how and why of what we do with you.

Want to know about your circulation?

Well we talk you through your Digital (toe) blood pressure results and what that means for your feet.

Want to know why your heel gets sore?

You gait analysis and foot scanning can give us insights. Combine this with our physical examination and we’re on track to work together to fix your pain.

Maybe you want to have your ingrowing toenail fixed for good.

We use our precision instruments to clear, file and perform simple in-the-chair procedures to prevent ingrowing nails returning.

We Help With

Making A Booking

You can make a booking online with Laura and Ryan here.

If you’d like to call us then you can call our Client Experience Team on 📞 (03) 9068 0966


To start, Laura will be in clinic on Mondays and Thursdays. Sessions available both during business and after hours.

Ryan will be in clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays.

See you in Monbulk soon.