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Integrated Foot Solutions

How Does PridePlus’ Podiatry Service offer an Integrated Foot Solution?

Foot solutions. Every day in our busy PridePlus Health clinics, we have people coming to us with their foot problems looking for their foot solutions.

It might be a breastfeeding mother with a heel pain that’s absolutely hell when feeding bub in the middle of the night.

It could be a footballer with shin pain/shin splints that are making the 2nd half of games agony chasing her foot solution.

Often the foot solution required is to get rid of that painful foot corn that pops up every few months from those narrow shoes that just must be worn for the business meeting or wedding.

Then there’s those who have supposedly got a foot solution coming looking for their foot solution to their foot solution! This can be their home remedy for a fungal nail that’s causing a thick film to build up or an inappropriate orthotic device which has helped their heel pain but is now causing lateral ankle troubles.

Whatever your foot problem is we can work with you to come up with an appropriate foot solution.

Let’s whip around some of the PridePlus Health team to discuss what finding that ideal foot solution means to them.


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“A true foot solution is one that integrates seamlessly into a person’s daily routine. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to resolving painful feet. A customised approach to each and every problem means an efficient and effective resolution.

I love watching people thrive with their individualised foot solutions in place. The fundamental notion of working with someone to create this is the most rewarding aspect of my career. Together we will identify the cause of the issue and devise strategies to overcome this; now and into the future.”


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“I’m a problem solver at heart, I’ve always loved puzzles and trivia. I find connecting the dots of a clients history, presenting complaint and the podiatry knowledge I’ve tucked away in the memory bank over many years is a truly challenging and rewarding undertaking.

For me, the ideal foot solutions are the ones which tick every box. If I’m sore I want to understand why first, then reduce my pain, then stop it from coming back. This simple foot solution gets a little messy when we need to fit it around footwear necessities, activities, and tight time frames but those challenges make it even more exciting to get the right foot solution each time.”


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“The best foot solutions are personal and have the client in the centre, supported and guided by a team of experts, who work together to reach the best outcomes. An experienced and problem-solving Podiatrist leading the team is essential for my clients with foot problems. As an EP I value the expertise of Podiatrists and rely on their collaboration to help my clients solve their foot problems.

My clients walk away from their Podiatry consultations with a greater understanding of their foot problem, how to manage it, and how to prevent it from coming back. They can then focus on getting stronger and moving forward with their life!”


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“When talking about foot solutions, the first question I ask every time is: What is YOUR foot solution? This means what does the individual, who has gone through the process of finding a podiatrist or allied health professional, booking an appointment and making the time to come in, actually want out of their consultation? What is their goal of treatment and their ideal foot solution?

It is this that is used as a basis of where we go with regards to facilitating and implementing treatments, to help work together to achieve their foot solution!”


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“At PridePlus, we are fortunate to have a great team comprising of podiatrists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists working together to deliver the best outcomes for a client, especially for lower limb injuries. Here is an example. A podiatrist may refer a client with recurrent ankle sprains to a physio, to look at their proximal and core strength. As a physio I might refer a client with knee pain to a podiatrist, to see if the biomechanics of the feet might be influencing the knee pain and if they are wearing appropriate shoes for the type of activity that they undertake.

Such an integrated approach delivers the best patient care, “ticking all boxes” for the client. This solution provides ‘a complete rehab picture’ which is infinitely better than the problem seen through the eyes of a single specialisation. I believe this is critical in not only recovering quickly from injuries but also preventing injuries in the future.”


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“A foot solution means a smile, it means not even thinking twice about your feet, it means no boundaries, no consequences and no second guesses. It means living life to the fullest, not wasting a moment. It means taking it up a notch, it means confidence, it means trust, it means achievement and a sense of Pride.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, and what you are doing, your feet are the foundation of your body and everything you do. Everyone who comes in, walks in with some kind of pain and questions to be answered. The PridePlus team implements a unique evidence-based approach to your treatment, we love a challenge! Because in the end, a foot solution equals foot confidence.”

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