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Oxfam Trailwalker Training Plan

Oxfam Trailwalker Training Plan

Oxfam Trailwalker alert! Let’s kick off your experience at this years event with my 12 week Oxfam Trailwalker Training Plan.

It seems hard to believe but you only have 12 weeks of training before the 2020 event here in Melbourne. As always your PridePlus Health team are here for you and over the next couple of weeks we will be bringing you all the information, tips, plans and advice to get you through the gruelling 100K event.

Whether this is your first or your tenth Oxfam Trailwalker there’s going to be something new here for you to learn, try, or do.

The goal for this plan is to complete the event feeling fun and fulfilled. If you’re looking to run the distance or have struggled with some recent injuries then you really need a much more personalised program which we can draw up for you with a one on one session in any of our clinics in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs.

12 Week Oxfam Trailwalker Training Plan

Week (starting Jan 6th)MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayWeekly Total (Km)
1Walk & Gym
Easy 30min
Rest Jog Easy 30minGymWalk Easy 30minWalk Easy 120min Rest 30 – 40
2Walk & Gym
Easy 30min
Rest Jog Easy 30min GymWalk Easy 45minWalk Easy 120min Rest 35 – 40
3Walk & Gym
Easy 30min
Rest Walk Hills 45minWalk Easy 45minWalk & Gym 30minWalk Easy 180min Rest 40 – 50
4Walk & Gym
Hills 45min
Walk Easy 30min Walk Easy 60min Walk & Gym Easy 30minRestJog Easy 120minWalk Easy 30min45 – 50
5Walk & Gym
Easy 60min
Rest Walk Hills 90minWalk Easy 45minWalk & Gym Easy 30minWalk Easy 300min Rest 60 – 70
6Jog & Gym
Rest Walk Hills 120minWalk & Gym Easy 30minWalk Easy 45minWalk Trail 300min Rest 65 – 75
7Walk Hills 120min Walk & Gym
Easy 30min
Walk Easy 120min Rest Walk Easy 120minJog Trail 120min Rest 75 – 85
8Walk Hills 90minWalk Easy 300minWalk & Gym 45min Rest Walk & Gym Easy 30minJog Trail 180minWalk Easy 45min85 – 95
9Walk & Gym
Easy 90min
Rest Walk Easy 240minWalk & Gym Easy 45minWalk Easy 45minWalk Trail 480min Rest ~100
10Walk Hills 90min Walk & Gym
Easy 60min
Rest Jog & Gym Easy 60minWalk Easy 45minWalk Trail 600min Rest ~120
11Jog Easy 60minWalk & Gym
Easy 30min
Rest Walk Hills 90minWalk Easy 45minGymWalk Easy 240min
12Jog Easy 30min RestWalk & Gym Easy 30min Rest Walk Easu 30minOXFAM STARTS

Training Plan Tips

This plan has a strength and cardiovascular endurance focus. We’re aiming for 2 strength sessions per week (gym) and 5 x cardiovascular sessions (walk/jog). You’ll increase the volume and loading on your feet each week with a taper towards the start of the Oxfam Trailwalker.

For this plan the goal is 20 hours which is a consistent pace of 12min per kilometre. The fastest time ever is a blistering 9 hours 51 minutes and the average time is around 28 – 32 hours.

Trailwalker Program Key

Easy = Flat Terrain, Slow. You should be able to hold a conversation whilst completing this.

Hard = Conversation should be difficult at this level of activity.

Trail = Offroad, uneven surfaces. Little bit of up and down work.

Hills = Significant up and down work. Can be on bitumen or asphalt or utilising an incline treadmill inside at a pinch.

Jog = Get out and start running at a slow and comfortable pace

Rest = One of the most important aspects. Take it easy, get a massage, re-fuel with food, drink and sleep. Socialise and refresh ready for your next session.

Hint – Before and after sessions, particularly the longer harder ones do a short active warm up and cool down. An active stretching session, mobilising or massage.

Oxfam Trailwalker Gym Program

These exercises are all to be completed to fatigue, in a circuit. Repeat the circuit 3 times with a 1 minute rest in between sets. If any of these exercises are new to you or your not comfortable with the technique then you should see an Exercise Physiologist to get some personal advice on how to perform them.

Double Leg Calf Raise – Straight (extended) knee

Double Leg Calf Raise – Bent (slightly flexed) knee

Single Leg Sit to Stand

Bulgarian Slip Squat Lunge

Romanian Deadlift

Stay tuned for some more information from our team to make sure your Oxfam Trailwalker experience is the best you can have.

In the meantime if you’re in need of some personal advice you can book in with our podiatrists, physiotherapists or exercise physiologists here.