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Orthotics for Women’s Shoes

Righto sister, we’re talking about orthotics for Women’s shoes here. If you have ever thought to yourself, “damn my feet are sore in these heels”? Or looked at your colleagues striding to work in their runners only to slip into some gorgeous, powerful but “you’ll-pay-for-them-later” pumps at their desk and just wish there was a better way… Like if you could spend the whole day in the power pumps without the payback of sore feet.

Well, our podiatrist Jess; a lover of fine shoes and even finer wines is here to offer her help.

Orthotic Friendly Shoes vs. Shoe Friendly Orthotics

Throughout my career as a podiatrist, I’ve had clients present me with a vast array of devices that they call “orthotics”. Perhaps they’ve purchased something from the chemist, or off-the-shelf at their physio? Maybe they saw a podiatrist in their teens who prescribed them a custom device, or had something made for them at a hospital after an operation? Maybe their new shoes have a removable footbed that they deem to be an orthotic device? Orthotics can take many shapes and forms, but there is often a misconception that they’re bulky, uncomfortable and a nuisance!

Well, I’m here to alter any preconceived notions or perceptions of orthotics and more specifically, orthotics for women’s shoes!

Too many times has a lovely corporate female dressed to the nines in a pantsuit and heels sat in my treatment chair and declared “well I can’t wear orthotics, I refuse to spend all day in runners!” As if to nip this pain point right in the bud nice and early so I don’t propose orthotics as a treatment option.

News flash!

Orthotics don’t just belong in runners or orthopaedic comfortable shoes. See, the world of orthotics has changed substantially since your teenage visit to your podiatrist where they popped a bulky piece of plastic or foam in your heavy Asics runners. These days, podiatrists are able to achieve just as effective of an orthotic device, in a far more low profile manner.

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Low Profile Orthotics for Women’s Shoes

While having a pair of custom orthotics for your running, walking or gym shoes is commonplace, owning a pair for your more casual brunch sandals or fancy dinner shoes can be important particularly when trying to offload an injury, or keep discomfort at bay. Podiatrists are able to prescribe devices to be narrower and thinner so you can continue to take pressure away from those sore heels while strutting down Chapel St on a night out.

Similarly, for the corporate population, I often hear “well I wear my orthotic friendly shoes to and from the train station and my loafers at the office”. This is awesome, and definitely encouraged, but have you considered the 6 trips a day to the coffee machine? The sneaky visit to Sharon at reception’s desk to gossip about Michelle’s new beau? You take more steps than you realise at the office. Just like for your brunch sneakers and dinner boots, orthotics can be made to fit soundly in your corporate brogues too.

I’d hate for you lovely ladies to be sitting at home thinking your sore foot can’t be treated because of your range of footwear. Custom orthotic insoles can be made to suit almost any woman’s shoe (but forgive us if we’re unable to manufacture something that’ll stay put in your thongs or slippers) and are a phenomenal way of achieving effective offloading, pain relief and support.

If you already have a pair of orthotics for your runners and are looking for a more casual second pair, come visit one of your local podiatrists who will assess your current removable orthotic insole, your casual pair of shoes you’d love to be able to wear comfortably, your biomechanics and gait and ensure those fashionable loafers feel like your comfortable runners in no time!

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