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Orthotic Cost

Your orthotic cost for your devices are as follows.

duo custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatrist
comfort custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatris
light custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatris

Read on for more information.

How Much Does A Custom Orthotic Cost & Why?

For the longest time, your orthotic cost and process of getting orthotics was something that was hidden. 

Podiatrists worked away in the dark. 

Covered in plaster and foams as we artfully moulded, pressed and ground out bespoke devices. 

Hours of labour went into each device, and the orthotic cost reflected that.

At their peak in the early 2000’s it was not uncommon for clients to pay over $1200 dollars for a single pair of orthotics. 

With no guarantee of orthotic success.

The hand moulded and plaster based process was laborious and fast forward to today we’re able to make much better, smaller, lighter and more comfortable custom foot orthotics than ever before.

And even better for the consumer.

At a lower price point.

When understanding how we can get the orthotic cost down, we need to talk about technology and expertise.

What Goes In To A Modern Orthotic

A modern orthotic is made bespoke to the wearers needs. 

Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology we’re able to make the lightest, strongest, most comfortable orthotics for all manner of feet with all manner of problems.

Because of this digitalisation, there’s no longer a need for plaster which cuts out time, mess, and need to carry stock.

It also means podiatrists no longer get angry at Australia Post when plaster moulds break in transit.

Also, by bringing 3D printing and fabrication techniques into the manufacture of orthotics the results are consistent every. single. time.

This is incredibly important to our elite athletes and those with chronic disease.

For these clients less than 1 degree of human error in an old school pressed orthotic could be detrimental.

With 3D printing we get consistent results and vanquish errors to the past.

Orthotic Tech Stack

Whilst 3D printing and scanning have reduced some overheads and improved the quality of custom foot orthotics. There are increased costs of the tech stack to support them compared with analogue casting.

The team at Pride Podiatry continues to prioritise precision and accuracy with our custom foot orthotic process. 

With progress in scanning and multi-use applications we’re able to bring this cost down well below what analogue casting used to be.

That is before we take into account the reduced labour as well.

So included in your orthotic cost is the use of our precision 3D scanning and printing technology.

Orthotic Materials

We’ve discussed custom foot orthotic materials in another post but it’s worth a quick re-fresher here.

The raw cost of 3D printed nylons, carbon fibre, foams and leathers vary.  Almost as much as our individual orthotic prescription needs. As podiatrists we prescribe our orthotics with your goals in mind.

If you need light, soft, firm or any combination of these and more, we’ll create your orthotic accordingly.

So, when it comes to your custom orthotic cost, you’ll only pay for the materials that you need.

This keeps your orthotic cost down and great value for your needs.

A Custom Orthotic Costs…

As you’ll recognise from above, there are still a few variables relating to the exact orthotic cost. 

That’s why we give you options.

duo custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatrist
comfort custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatris
light custom foot orthotic price from melbourne podiatris

This cost is pre health insurance rebate so if covered your out of pocket will be less than that.

The orthotic cost band does not cover the cost of your podiatry consultation and biomechanical assessments. 

For these you’re initial cost is around $95 – $165 depending on complexity, number of sessions, and time.

Your podiatrist will explain your exact costs to you as your needs will become apparent during your session(s).

How To Check If You’re Covered

If you have private health insurance and want to check if you’re covered for custom foot orthotics then you’ll need the following information.

Contact your insurer (phone, email or some have live chat features) and ask if you’re covered for custom foot orthotics from a podiatrist.

The item codes that private health insurers and the podiatry association have agreed upon are.

  • F221 Custom Foot Orthotics
  • F118 Biomechanical Assessment
  • F304 3D Scanning
  • F004/F012 Initial and Review Podiatry Sessions

If you quote those numbers and ask if you’re covered your insurer will be able to give you an answer.

How to Get Your Custom Foot Orthotics

You’ll need to book in for a session with our podiatrists.

You can do that online or by calling our clinics.

And when you attend your podiatry session at Pride Podiatrist will work with you to identify your goals. 

If a custom foot orthotic is needed, we will arrange and guarantee it.

label gold standard orthotic guarantee podiatrist
Learn more about our Orthotic Guarantee

For our podiatry clients who don’t need a custom foot orthotic we’ll provide you with your comprehensive treatment plan to get you to your goals. 

Whatever they may be.