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Your Pascoe Vale health team, more than just doctors to help you feel better

We’re your Pascoe Vale Health team. We’re here for you to help you overcome pain and injury, ward of illness and help you feel better. 

You don’t have to be an AFL footballer to overcome injuries and kick more (life) goals. 

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+246 clients have joined us in the last 7 days in Pascoe Vale

PridePlus Health is a one stop health clinic with Physio, Podiatry and Exercise Physiology experts passionate about helping you kick life goals.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Not sure whether to see a physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist? Take the quiz to find out

Physiotherapy for injury assessment and treatment. Start here if you’re in pain ➡

Podiatry for foot and ankle treatment. Foot stuff? Podiatrists will be your guide ➡

Exercise Physiology to train, support and build healthy habits. EP to help you move more and feel better ➡

Orthotics for foot and ankle injury treatment and comfort. Guaranteed to succeed ➡

The Strong Room, our clinical exercise gym and the centre of our practice. Gym space and Group Classes ➡

Aspiring athlete, weekend warrior or grand parent looking to get your energy back? PridePlus Health is the team that will get you where you need to go.

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You’re gonna love kicking goals with PridePlus Health. Here’s how some of our local Pascoe Vale EP clients are succeeding achieving their goals.

Pascoe Vale Health FAQ

Where are you located?

Our Pascoe Vale health team are located within PVH Medical. 124 Kent Road, Pascoe Vale. Parking can be found off street from Joffre Street as well as on street along Kent Road. The clinic is a short walk from the bus stops along Cumberland Road and active transport along the Kent Road bike paths is encouraged.

How much does a session cost?

The most you will pay for your session time with your Pascoe Vale health team (be it podiatrist, physio or exercise physiologist) is $95 for a 30 minute session. Many people in Pascoe Vale have a much lower out of pocket expense if they have coverage for their health care under their private health insurance, medicare, veterans affairs, worksafe or the NDIS. Also, seniors and health care card holders get a $15 discount on physiotherapy and podiatry services.

Do you accept chronic disease management plans?

If you’re general practitioner deems you eligible for a chronic disease management plan you’ll be able to claim a medicare rebate on your health care. There are some restrictions set down by medicare. You must be eligible, have an active referral AND team care arrangements in place. This is something your GP (general practitioner) and you will have discussed in advance. Medicare will also only provide you with 5 rebates in a calendar year. For a government-funded service you’ll need to pay your fee up front and we can submit your claim for your rebate on your behalf. This way medicare pays you your rebate. Learn about medicare for podiatry or medicare for exercise here.

Who are the health care professionals in your team?

In our Pascoe Vale team we have decades of experience across our physio, podiatry and exercise physiology team. You can learn more about each of our extensive experience here.

Do you have any mental health professionals?

Our exercise physiology team works closely with clients using movement and activity as a management strategy for many different mental health conditions. Depression and anxiety both require support and exercise to help. We do not have any clinical psychologists within our team although we do work closely with those inside PVH Medical and in the suburbs surrounding Pascoe Vale.

Do you perform minor surgical procedures in Pascoe Vale?

Our podiatry team carefully perform minor nail and skin surgical procedures in our Kent Road clinic. Ingrown toenail surgery is a staple of ours.

I have another question, what are your best contact details?

If you’d like to email us you can get in contact at team@prideplus.com.au. To have a chat you can call us on 03 9068 0966 or if you’d like to book a session over the phone instead of online call 03 9304 0500. Faxed referrals can be sent to 03 9923 6215.

From the young to the not so young. Everyone who turns to PridePlus Health is supported to achieve their goals, their way.

Start with PridePlus Health and get on track to kicking your life goals again.

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