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foot health week october 2019 podiatrist explain what good foot health is

Foot Health Week 2019

October 14 – 20

There are many exciting weeks on the calendar, but for the podiatry team at PridePlus Health, none come close to Foot Health Week.


Because we love feet, and loving healthy feet is much easier than loving the not-so-healthy feet.

Foot Health Week is an annual campaign spearheaded by the Australian Podiatry Association (A.Pod.A) where everyone is encouraged to think about those weird things on the end of our legs. They’re not just for stubbing against the coffee table, or cramming into the latest and greatest shoe. For most of us feet are the foundations that we live our life on.

Here’s what the A.Pod.A has to say about Foot Health Month 2019

foot health week 2019 podiatrist pascoe vale melbourne cbd and emerald give their advice on foot health

So what do the PridePlus Health team have to say? Let’s have a chat with some of the PridePlus Health podiatry team about what good foot health means to them, and how you can get healthy feet, and keep them healthy too!

Jess Steinberg – Podiatrist

Collins St – Melbourne CBD

jess steinberg podiatrist collins st melbourne cbd foot health

To me, good foot health means happy feet, and yes, I absolutely refer to the movie, where jubilant animated penguins are rhythmically sliding their way through the antarctic. We should all have feet as happy as those penguins’! Happy feet are feet that love to move! Feet that provide a comfortable and supportive foundation for our whole body. Feet that can keep up with our busy schedules, but also appreciate a bit of netflix and chill. Feet that don’t hinder our activity, but conversely enhance and pave the way for an active, enjoyable lifestyle.  

To maintain those happy feet, the list of opportunity goes on and on! I start by making sure the shoes I wear are comfortable. Personally, I don’t have time for footwear-induced discomfort throughout my day – we have bigger fish to fry! Next, I dedicate time in my day to ensuring my feet move. Be it a high intensity gym session, or a dawdle around the block with my dog, keeping my feet active and engaged is pivotal in achieving an optimal support base for my body. Lastly (but certainly not least), I keep my feet clean and replenished. Always wearing clean socks, washing (and drying) my feet thoroughly, and applying moisturiser a few times a week before bed. With these small measures, we can all release our inner Happy Feet penguins!   

Tim Mulholland – Podiatrist

Pascoe Vale

tim mulholland podiatrist emerald pascoe vale foot health

To me, good foot health means no worries. No worries whether I’m going to go for a long run in my lightweight training shoes. No worries if I decide to go for a long walk on the beach barefoot. No worries because I know my good foot health gives me plenty in reserve to try to test my feet without too much grumbling. This doesn’t mean I take good foot health for granted, you’ve got to work at it. For me this work is making sure I get my calf raise exercises done most days, wearing the right shoes, tidying up any callus before it gets out of hand. 

To get or keep good foot health I recommend a variety of different things for different people, however two of the universals are:

  • Calf raises. Truly. The calf push-up is one of the greatest exercises for increasing the capacity of your feet to handle different activities. A quality calf raise doesn’t just strengthen the back of the leg, your intrinsic muscles in your feet will also work hard.
  • Well fitting shoes for the right activities too. If you’re running, wear runners. If you’re hitting the town, go for shoes that look the part but don’t cause too much grief.

Ben Westaway – Podiatrist

Collins St

ben westaway podiatrist melbourne cbd collins st queen st foot health

To me, good foot health is having feet that you don’t have to think about. Feet that allow you to do whatever it is that your life involves. If you ever think to yourself “I better not do that, my feet won’t be happy” that doesn’t mean bad foot health. It probably means that with a foot focused strength and mobility plan from your podiatrist you won’t have so much of that ‘can’t’ approach to your own foot health. 

To maintain good foot health I recommend using them regularly. Sit down in the office, or on the couch at home and lace up your running shoes. Head out the door and move for 20mins. Walk if its comfortable, run if you’re feeling more energetic, meet some mates for a PT session in the park. Whatever it is, move. If you get into the habit of doing it 3 times a week it might just change your life.

Rachael Leary – Podiatrist

Pascoe Vale

rachael leary podiatrist pascoe vale foot health

To me, good foot health means taking the time to look after them, whether that be getting a foot massage, buying yourself a new pair of runners or booking in with your podiatrist to have your feet checked! It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, taking the time to make sure our feet are healthy is important. We spend a lot of time making sure we look after our bodies by doing things like going to the gym, taking vitamins and eating healthy and when we consider how much our feet have to do everyday, it is just as important to add them to our list of things to take care of.

To get or keep good foot health I recommend

  • Comfortable, supportive footwear! This one is at the top of my list because a really good pair of comfortable, supportive, stable shoes is what our feet need.
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly – making sure you get in between those toes!
  • Trim your toenails straight across and file the edges with a nail file if needed, to avoid those stubborn ingrown toenails. 

Tanya Contis – Podiatrist


tanya contis podiatrist emerald foot health

To me, good foot health means looking after YOU. Holistic care. For instance, if you have painful feet you are less likely to walk, less likely to be physically active, your mobility will suffer. This can possibly contribute to chronic conditions like obesity, depression, increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

I feel it all starts with your feet that carry your body weight day in and day out. If your feet aren’t healthy, you can’t perform your best!

To get or keep good foot health I recommend…

  • Maintaining healthy skin.
    It is simple to avoid dry, callused skin and painful cracks that can potentially lead to infection. Avoid walking barefoot outside and wearing ill-fitting shoes that can cause friction and develop painful calluses and blisters. Rotate footwear to prevent pressure points. Oh and don’t forget.. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This doesn’t take long and can help retain moisture leading to softer and healthier skin. Just be sure to avoid applying moisturiser between the toes where fungus can form due to too much moisture and too little air flow. Following these simple tips will help stop skin-related issues in their tracks.

Don’t tiptoe around your foot grooming routine!

We hope that everyone is celebrating foot health week every week, and particularly October 14 to 20. If you’re in need of some assistance getting that good foot health you can book in with our expert team here.