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Foot Care Tips To Make Your Feet & Your Podiatrist Happy

These foot care tips are pretty much all you need to do keep your feet and your podiatrist happy. They’re simple. Easy. But hardly ground-breaking stuff. And yet, every week in clinic I see feet that are not happy. They’re not getting the love and attention they need at home. Sure, I can love them. As a podiatrist I can bring back even the most unloved, crusty and sore foot back to being happy again. But what happens when they walk out the door?

These are the simple foot care tips that you can do at home to keep that “walking on clouds – just been to the podiatrist feeling” going for longer.

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It goes without saying that you have your teeth-brushing regime, hair-washing regime, moisturising regime and exercise regime! But what about your feet? How many times a week do you actually consider the health and well-being of your feet?

If basic foot care is not already a part of your normal routine, there is no time like the present to start giving it the time it deserves! Mind you, you need hardly any time at all to start making a difference. These suggestions can be applied at whatever moment in the day suits you best. You may even be doing some already, in which case, way to go, you!

Let’s all take Pride in our feet!

Foot Care Tip 1: Wash Your Feet Clean

This is so easy to do in the shower. We don’t mean jumping around in the shower and letting the water run down and over your feet. For one thing, jumping in the shower sounds like a very hazardous exercise!

You will actually need to rub and scrub them with your fingers or a gentle cloth. It is most important to clean between the toes in particular, as this helps keep any looming fungus away. 

🦁 Pride Tip! Soap-free wash helps keep your skin pH balanced and stop your feet from drying out. Examples include QV & Alpha Keri. 

Foot Care Tip 2: Keep Your Feet Dry

Keeping a dry environment between the toes and in your shoes reduces the chance of fungal infection. Drying between your toes and wearing a fresh pair of socks daily is number one. If your socks get wet or you sweat throughout the day, have a spare change of dry socks at the ready and change as required. It certainly helps to keep an extra pair at work. If you’re one to suffer from persistent athlete’s foot, come in and see us for some professional treatment.

🦁 Pride Tip! If you suffer from sweaty feet, try socks made from breathable material like wool or bamboo. Silver-lined socks are great too and have an antimicrobial layer.

Foot Care Tip 3: Moisturise

Regular use of urea-based moisturisers is key. Urea is a keratolytic, essentially this means it’s a tissue softener, drawing moisture into the skin. So important when trying to shed that dry skin from your feet! Also gentle use of a pumice stone can help, but do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a podiatry visit as well.

We’ll be able to offer the most suitable treatment for your individual case, and help get rid of your cracked, hard, dry skin effectively.

🦁 Pride Tip! Please don’t take to your foot with a blade! Avoid potential harm and hazard by making an appointment with a scalpel-wielding professional. It is much more enjoyable and safer for your feet!

Foot Care Tip 4: Trim Those Nails

Keep your nails trimmed but not too short. Cutting your nails directly across lowers the chance of ingrowing toenails. Don’t dig in the corners, especially if you are experiencing ingrown toenail pain, in which case please consult a podiatrist to have the issue tended to professionally.

🦁 Pride Tip! Take off that old nail polish. You can wear it for the wedding, or that illusive holiday, but then make sure to remove it. Don’t just leave it on to wear off in its own time. It looks tacky, let’s be honest, but more importantly can create a nice occlusive, moist and warm environment under the nail polish for opportunistic fungal nails to develop. Now that’s even more tacky. 

Foot Care Tip 5: Choose Shoes (carefully)

It’s common sense isn’t it? Not too tight, not too big. The perfect fit helps avoid blisters and callus build-up, and can help avoid foot pain and injuries. As much as those high, strappy, floppy and twisty sole-coverings may tempt your sense of style, your feet may be sorry and not at all safe. Your podiatrist can help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure what type of shoe would best suit your foot and your specific activities.

🦁 Pride Tip! Try and alternate your footwear daily to change up the pressure points.

Foot Care Tip 6: Pain, Pain, Go Away

Don’t ignore your pain and let it go unattended to. As podiatrists, we are here for your feet in any way, shape or form. Your feet have such a complex structure. You’ve got muscles, ligaments, bones of course, joints, bursas’ and so on. Not to mention, they are the sole thing holding you up. Just don’t forget, that the longer you leave it and ignore the pain, the longer it will take to be pain free again.

🦁 Pride Tip! See your podiatrist as soon as pain appears to ensure a quicker return to your active life. 

The Takeaway 

It’s important to remember, you only get one pair of feet. They carry your whole rest of your body, step after step, day after day . The foot care tips above will help keep your feet happy, reduce risk of infection, and will help you stay pain free and mobile. Make time for them in your routine starting now. 

And also, never be embarrassed to see your podiatrist if you’re concerned about fungus, thick nails or you have any questions, it’s what we do and love.

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