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the running company lilydale interview with podiatrist tanya

The Running Company Lilydale Interview

The Running Company Lilydale is one of my favourite places to shop. Not only do I get to check out the latest in athletic footwear; the knowledgeable team there are always happy to help out. Last time I was in I had a chat with the owners Bec and Steve Rosel as we have a lot in common looking after the feet of those in the Hill’s. After the chat, we thought it was time for an interview to share the knowledge. Enjoy.

Hey there fellow Hills walkers, hikers and fellow trail likers….

Tanya here, one of the Podiatrists from PridePlus Health where I work in the Emerald clinic. I love helping the lovely people in the hills to lead their best lives by staying happy and healthy on their feet! A local myself, it feels special to be working closely with those in my own community and being part of your journey, whether it be treating an injury, getting rid of that nasty corn or picking the right shoe! 

Now feet, as we all know, everyone’s feet are shaped differently and different activities require differently-suitable shoes. As much as I would love to go shoe shopping with you all, it cannot be!

The next best thing, let’s bring the shoe shop to your browser. We’ve interviewed local owners of The Running Company specialist footwear store, Bec and Steve Rosel, to learn about how they link in with podiatry and to benefit from some of their shoe inspiration.

The Running Company Lilydale – Bec & Steve

Pride🦁: How does The Running Company pick a shoe for a customer?

The Running Company 👟: It all starts with a conversation. We sit down and have a chat about what the walker or runner is requiring from their footwear, what their specific condition/foot pathology may be if applicable, what they wish to attain from their new shoes (performance, reducing inflammation, grip for trail-running/hiking, a specific shoe for work etc), and any further information or history that may affect our selection. 

We then go through our functional assessment via treadmill gait analysis, digital slow-motion video, and measurements.

This process coupled with our previous conversation enables us to accurately determine a selection of footwear that will best suit the customer and their unique situation.

After a measurement of the foot for sizing length and width; then comes the fun part!

Trying on shoes!

The customer will walk or run in several options on the treadmill and also outside for us to determine if the shoe is functioning as we need it to, and then importantly, how it fits and feels to the wearer.

We have to LOVE our shoes! 

Pride🦁: What is the benefit of this method compared to having customers just pick a shoe off the shelf that they like the look of?

The Running Company 👟: Each shoe is designed for specific application. It is important to align both the function, fit, feel and look of the shoe to the individual. We are all unique and so too are our footwear needs.

We are here to guide our customer to the option/s that will suit them best, and to allow them to try the fit, feel and function whilst in-store under our experienced eye to ensure that each and every time we are advising the wearer to the most suitable shoe for them, their biomechanics, their goals, and their feet! 

Pride🦁: How does The Running Company pick a shoe for a specific activity? E.g. trail walking vs running vs walking vs netball.

The Running Company 👟: We say that every shoe has to earn its place on our wall. It needs to offer something special, specific, and unique. Through our conversation with the customer we will be guided to various shoes because they apply to the wearer’s needs the best.

Trail shoes are designed for grip, durability, protection, and changing terrains/conditions, where-as netball shoes must offer the foot integrity through swift lateral movements on a court surface. ’Horses for courses!’ – so to speak!

Pride🦁: What are the best options for trail walking and running shoes at the moment and why?

The Running Company 👟: It really comes down to the individual’s needs, goals and specific requirements. Shoe technology is a dynamic and ever-changing space and at The Running Company Lilydale it is important to us that we can offer our customers the latest in shoe-tech for performance and comfort.

It is an exciting world in which we live and our shoes are a huge part of what makes walking, running and physical activity fun! We move with the times so that our customers can too.

Pride🦁: What about socks?

The Running Company 👟: Like shoes, socks can be a very individual choice. We offer a range of technical road and trail-running specific socks that reduce blisters, rubbing, slipping, sweating and bunching.

We have natural fibre socks designed with bamboo and merino blends, as well as technical fabrics for moisture-wicking and the ultimate fit and comfort when you are on your feet all day everyday. Plus plenty of fun colours of course!

Pride🦁: Being runners and hikers yourselves, could you share with us your favourite trails and hills in the area?

The Running Company 👟:


  • The George Bass Coastal Trail – Kilcunda
  • The O’Shannassy’s Aqueduct – Warburton
  • Wright’s Forest – Emerald
  • The plentiful trails around Mt Evelyn and Silvan 
  • Anywhere we can take Burleigh to run with us!!!! (Burleigh👇)


  • The Walk into History – Powelltown
  • Silvan Trails
  • Mt Victoria Track – Mt Donna Buang
  • Trails up in the Blue Mountains

Pride🦁: How do you work with local podiatrists and physios to get good outcomes?

The Running Company 👟: We have close relationships with many health-care practitioners to form a circle of communication and a network of experience and advice so that we can all provide a holistic and thorough outcome for the individual.

Constant feedback where we provide the practitioner with direct feedback in relation to their patient and have open communication channels for all involved. We enjoy the challenge of problem solving when the need arises as a result of various foot pathologies and conditions and are guided by the experience and advice of the professional combined with our depth of knowledge when it comes to footwear function and application, and of course, feedback from the customer as to how the shoe feels for them.

Also we like to get around and visit local health-care practitioners in the field and to also host personal development and shoe-tech evenings in-store for them and their staff. 

Pride🦁: Shoes change season to season, how does The Running Company Lilydale team get around this?

The Running Company 👟: We have great relationships with the brands and are constantly speaking to them about new shoe tech and updates so that we are across the latest and greatest in run specialty footwear. 

Pride🦁: Thank you Steve and Bec!

For those reading this up in the Hill’s who are looking for your next adventure be sure to stop by The Running Company Lilydale for your next great pair of shoes.

And for everyone who is looking to get over that foot or leg injury, that annoying & painful hurdle you can book in with our podiatrists across Monbulk, Emerald or all over Melbourne.

Make sure you bring in your shoes when you’re coming to see us!