Maximize your Body's Peformance with Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology at PridePlus is for everyone who wants to maximise their body’s performance. That’s all of us, right?

Our Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are exercise experts.

By applying their scientific knowledge, our EPs are able to use the right exercise to treat disease, injury or pain when we are suffering.

Yes, used correctly, exercise is a ‘drug’ which can enrich our lives by optimising performance and reducing wear and tear.

Group Exercise Classes at PridePlus Health

Our Exercise Physiologists run personalised group exercise classes where you can join a small group of like-minded peers to work on your own goals. This is not your boot camp in the park type of exercise.

Prior to commencing a class, you will sit down 1:1 with an EP and plan your goals with all your history, challenges and expectations all taken into account.

Your EP then utilises their knowledge of all aspects of medical, physiological and anatomical systems to plan your program.

Joining the groups allows you to conduct your exercise program in the safety and comfort of our gym (The Strong Room) where you will be supported by your EP and fellow athletes.

Download our timetable for exercise classes in Pascoe Vale HERE

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Is Exercise Physiology For You?

This performance enhancement might be what you’re looking for in the sporting arena or perhaps you’re looking to improve the quality of your daily life.

Either way, our highly-trained and experienced EPs will work with you to tailor a program to suit you.

Your exercise prescription or program will take into account your injury history, medical conditions and personal activity history.

We will work with you to challenge you when needed, support and educate you and above all, help you achieve your goals.

When seeing our exercise physiology specialists at PridePlus Health, you will have access to our modern gym equipment for use one-on-one with our EPs or within small, supportive groups.

That choice is yours to make.

How Can Exercise Physiology Help?

Our exercise physiologists are university qualified and accredited by ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) to provide their care within a variety of frameworks.

You can see our EPs without a referral or, alternatively, access funding (if eligible) via team care arrangements and referral from your GP.

Most private health insurers recognise the benefits of exercise therapy in treating and preventing disease so rebates are often available.

Check with your own health fund.

Our exercise physiologists can help you with:

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