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multiple sclerosis sufferer regains the joy of movement with exercise

Multiple Sclerosis? Regain the joy of movement

If you have multiple sclerosis you feel it. You feel it when you struggle to open a jar of jam at breakfast time. You feel it when you have to work yourself up to getting dressed. To make it to the bathroom. You feel it when you look up at all the stairs at the restaurant your friend has chosen to take you out to perk up your spirits.

Not only does multiple sclerosis make these tasks hard, you feel exhausted just planning every single step of your day.

Planning meals, trips to the shops, the specialists. It can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Sometimes just saying no, staying home, staying away from others feels like all you can do.

We get it. We’re Exercise Physiologists who’ve worked closely with those in our community who struggle every day with MS.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be all exhaustive feelings. There’s joy to be found in movement again. Confidence too.

Here’s how we help with multiple sclerosis

We’re here to treat your condition, help you understand your journey by establishing what’s important to you and what you are missing out on, what challenges you face.

Experience the joy of movement – the mental and physical benefits of it. Gain confidence and mobility and do the things you love doing.

This is what differentiates Exercise Physiology

As EP’s (exercise physiologists) we facilitate and plan a transition to an active lifestyle versus an inactive / sedentary life. We guide and support you through your journey

Were qualified. A Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology; and experienced to treat MS. We use the medicinal benefits of movement and exercise to live better

And just like you’re not alone, we aren’t either. We partner with physiotherapists and podiatrists to collaborate a plan for better outcomes for you.

This is why EP is right for you

  • We listen, facilitate a change, tailor an individual plan to your needs
  • We ask questions / – what’s important to you? What’s your purpose? What’s your identity? What drives you? What excites you? 
  • We don’t fix anything – we help you take the lead in your journey and support you.
  • Prevention of further deterioration
  • Movement is key to sustaining your quality of life
  • NDIS supports you to live your best life with EP

This is our promise to you

We will provide an enjoyable, engaging service that enables you to understand your journey and allow you to experience the benefits of moving better.

If you’re ready. We’re ready to help. Book in with your experienced MS exercise physiologist here.

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

Our experienced EP Mike can be heard on the MS Understood podcast with Clare Reilly. [Spotify / Apple Podcasts]

Also the MS society has a wealth of resources on their website.