Perfect Fit - Running Shoe Fitting Service with our Podiatrists

If you are someone who is managing a running injury or who have struggled to choose the right running shoes in the past? Perfect Fit is the service for you.

We bring you Perfect Fit, a running shoe fitting service with our podiatrists at our PridePlus Health podiatry clinic in Queen Street, Melbourne CBD.

At PridePlus Health, we have partnered with Sole Motive to bring you a running shoe fitting experience like no other. You will leave confident in your running shoes and ready to tackle your next challenge.

Available out our Queen Street practice only.

Why Perfect Fit?

The process of choosing the best running shoes or the best runners for walking is a daunting one. There are so many shoe options, from myriad brands. Cushioned, lightweight, support, control, those glove shoes?? Help!

Our podiatrists will consult with you to find out who you are as a runner. This is important, as it guides us toward your new shoe.

Be ready to discuss the highs and lows of your running career. We need to know about your injuries, your goals achieved and the most important ones, your goals for the future.

Our podiatrist will assess the movement of the joints in your feet, and examine how your leg and body move during gait analysis.

Understanding your biomechanical profile, our podiatrists are best poised to guide you through the selection of your new best running shoes.

When you finish, you leave with the education on how to wear-in your new shoes, as well as how best to train with them to help improve your overall enjoyment in this wonderful world of running.

Book now for your 30-minute running shoe fitting with our podiatrists in Queen Street, Melbourne CBD.

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Why get fitted by our podiatrists

If you are running comfortably in a shoe that feels good on foot and have no running-related injuries, you already have a ‘perfect fit’ and do not need a running shoe fitting with our podiatrists. But thanks for reading.

If you are running well in a shoe that works for you when you are next in the market for some running shoes, head into a retail outlet that allows you to run on a treadmill - like Sole Motive. Try on the new model of your old fave, as well as a few alike models from other brands and choose what feels right. Make sure you talk to your retailer about the new model and how it may differ from the previous one so that you can be certain you’ve selected the right shoe again.

But, for those of you who are experiencing injury or are not happy with your current running shoe, Perfect Fit is the holy grail in Melbourne’s running shoe market; meaning that a running shoe fitting with our podiatrist is the perfect solution for you.

The science of running shoe selection is complex and individual. The mechanical design of the shoe is an important factor in the battle to overcome a running injury. It can be the difference between you being able to run or not while managing and returning from injury.

At PridePlus Health, our podiatrists are experts in understanding the specific shoe design features available in the marketplace and we understand how they can work for you.

With our thorough Perfect Fit assessment, we can start to understand what features in running shoes will work for you.

Book today at our Queen Street practice in Melbourne CBD to find your ‘perfect fit’.

Perfect Fit’s Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more information? Here are our most frequently asked questions about our running shoe fitting service.

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