Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation - or 'rehab' as it’s more commonly known in the physiotherapy world - is the restoration of normality. It might be normal activities, normal strength, normal balance or normal function. Think of it as getting back to where you were before your injury or pathology started.

Our physiotherapists in Pascoe Vale love working with you on your rehabilitation to get you back to your normal, and then if you’re keen, go further again.

That might mean shaving some time of your personal best runs. Or playing more games. Or taking up that gym class you’ve had your eye on but never been physically able to get through.

Our physiotherapists have a fully equipped gym, The Strong Room, to guide you through your rehabilitation from the early, just starting to move foundations to the finish line.

Not only will our physiotherapists be there for you every step of the way, but if need be, our extended team of podiatrists and exercise physiologists will be able to jump in and give your physiotherapy rehabilitation plan a boost.

Our Approach to Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

We’re high achievers who put a lot into our clinical practice, because we love what we do. Our physiotherapy team has completed further study and consistent CPD (continuing professional development) so that you know you will get the best physio rehab for your injury.

During the physiotherapy rehabilitation process, you and your physiotherapist will become close due to the emotional connection that builds with touch and vulnerability. When you’re learning and trying new things, or doing old things again, our physios are there for support and encouragement.

If at any stage during your physio rehab there are snags, those little speed humps that life throws at us to keep things challenging, your physio will be there with a call, a message or a helpful referral to get you back on track.

physiotherapy rehabilitation
physiotherapy rehabilitation

What is Physiotherapy Rehabilitation?

Physio rehabilitation is about normality which includes:

  • Restoring normal movements
  • Rebuilding and repairing damaged tissues
  • Building capacity around joints
  • Learning coping and pacing strategies 
  • Improving techniques and posture
  • Training your brain, the centre of our musculoskeletal system to call on the right muscles at the right time
  • Build flexibility and mobility into your life and activities

Why Rehabilitation Works

Physiotherapy rehabilitation works for all injuries if done correctly.

This requires the correct assessments and goal setting to begin with. You can’t really rehabilitate back to normal if it’s not known what normal is and why you’re not there right now.

For your rehabilitation to be successful, you and your physiotherapist will have honest and fruitful discussions, some hands on assessments and then work on the right rehab program for you.

Like all learning, which physio rehab has at is core, practice, repetition and support are essential at every phase.

Does my Injury Need Rehabilitation?

If you want to get back to your normal or even improve on that base line in the fastest possible manner then yes, you need some good physio rehab sessions.

If your injury needs some touch, stretching, strengthening or adjustments in any way, rehab will get you there in the smoothest way.

Your rehabilitation goals are important as well. They can range from running a marathon, playing in the grand final, working a 10-hour day at the desk or wearing those beautiful heels.

If you’re looking to get started on your physiotherapy rehabilitation, you can secure your assessment and start with our physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale.