Glenroy Physiotherapy

If you’re looking for the best Glenroy physiotherapy specialists then you’re in luck.

Located near the borders of Glenroy and Pascoe Vale is our PridePlus Health Physiotherapy Clinic in Pascoe Vale

Commencing at our current location in 2014, our Glenroy physio team have been providing care to the Glenroy community for 6 years and counting. Our physios here look after hundreds of locals every month.

In our clinic, you will also find two of the most qualified and sought after physiotherapists practising near the Glenroy area.

Book an Appointment at our Physiotherapy Clinic Near Glenroy

P: (03) 9304 0500
A: 124 Kent Rd, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
H: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8:30am-3:30pm, Sun 9:30am-12:30pm

Our Leading Glenroy Physiotherapy Team

physiotherapist in pascoe vale

Naveena Seethapathy

Naveena Seethapathy is a physiotherapist who needs little introduction. In her couple of years practising in and around the Glenroy area, Naveena has developed a reputation for solving all sorts of troubles relating to the musculoskeletal system. And this should come as no surprise as Naveena is not only an experienced physiotherapist, she is a titled APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. There’s not many if any other titled physiotherapists practising in and around the Glenroy area so you will need to act fast to secure your appointment with Naveena.

pascoe vale physiotherapist

Dominic Tan

In our clinic, there is also the brilliant Dominic Tan who is a physiotherapist with extensive experience in both strength and conditioning as well as getting hands-on with sore athletes. Dominic has been treating injured athletes and dancers for many years in his home country of Singapore before completing a Master’s of Physiotherapy here in Australia. In the clinic, you can expect Dominic to combine the touch of an experienced masseuse with the passion of a strength coach and the knowledge of a physiotherapist. Dominic has availability for after-hours sessions as well including on the weekend.

Why Visit Our Physiotherapy Clinic Near Glenroy

  1. Our qualified physiotherapy specialists have the knowledge and experience to investigate and treat your pain and injuries.

  2. Our Glenroy physiotherapy clinic is located across the road from Cole Reserve meaning ample street and onsite parking and close access to public transport (including the 513 bus from Glenroy station).

  3. Our clinic has our own onsite gym (called The Strong Room) which we use for all stages of injury and surgery rehabilitation.

  4. Our team at our PridePlus Health clinic include Exercise Physiologists and Podiatrists as well. No other physiotherapy clinic in or near Glenroy can come close to our holistic and all of the body approach to injury management and prevention.

  5. Our mission is to use teamwork, understanding, expertise and your goals to get you back on track.

  6. We’re physios who are available in the Glenroy area when you need us. That means business hours, after hours and weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Secure your physiotherapy appointment with our team online. You can also make an appointment with our Exercise Physiology or Podiatry team via the same link.

We’re looking forward to seeing another Glenroy local in our physiotherapy clinic.