Workplace Injuries

Despite improvements in workplace conditions and an improved focus on health and safety, workplace injuries still happen.

Workplace injuries can happen to an experienced worker. And they can happen to a trainee.

Some workplace injuries are acute or traumatic. Others are chronic, repetitive overuse type injuries.

Although these are workplace injuries, their negative consequences have knock on effects on our out of work life too.

Have you sustained an injury at work?

Are you an employer concerned about your injured worker?

Are you looking for an experienced physiotherapist who will help you return to work safely?

Read on to understand why PridePlus Health physiotherapists are the best people to get you back to work.

Workplace Injury Treatment

Knowledge and Experience
We have the best possible technical knowledge and treatment know-how about occupational or workplace injuries. We understand the workloads involved in shovelling, driving a truck or forklift, or using the computer.

Clear Return to Work Plan
We don’t pull numbers out of a hat. We test regularly what you can and cannot do. We tell you how far you have progressed and how far you have to go. We make sure your situation is not of a revolving door, rather a well-laid rehabilitation journey.

Effective Communication
We communicate effectively and efficiently at regular intervals to all stakeholders involved. That’s you, your doctors, specialists, case managers, return-to-work advisors and employers. This takes the guesswork out and keeps everyone on the same page.


Workplace Injury Prevention

Proven and Effective Methods
We use scientific and evidence-based methods to help prevent injuries. Examples include specific, functional and task-based strength and conditioning, manual handling, ergonomic assessment and training.

FAQ’s About Occupational Injuries

Do I need a referral from a GP to see a physio if I have been injured at work?

Short answer, no.

“Workers can access physiotherapy services for a work-related injury or illness without prior approval from the Agent or a referral from a medical practitioner.” - from the Worksafe website.

This is possible because we are EIPF (Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework) registered.

Can a physio issue a certificate of capacity?

Another short answer, yes.

Physiotherapists are the best at assessing functional capacity and certifying what you can do with your return to work.

Common Workplace Injuries

The following are some of the most common workplace injuries we see in our clinics:

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