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podiatrist lockdown guide

When To See A Podiatrist Lockdown Guide

Our Podiatrist Lockdown Guide is here for our dearest Melbourne friends. At Pride we couldn’t think of a tighter community as well placed to get through this state of disaster as ours. 

We’re amazed by the generosity and support we see every single day, in our clinics and online across Melbourne. 

To help make sense of some confusion out there here it is. Our Podiatrist Lockdown Guide with questions and answers about your podiatry care during stage 4 lockdown.

Can I see a podiatrist under stage 4 lockdown?

Yes you can see a podiatrist under stage 4 lockdown, if you are in either the:

  • ❤️️RED Zone
  • 💛YELLOW Zone. 

Wait, ❤️️RED or 💛YELLOW zones? What does that mean? 

The zones are a triaging system where we can determine the need for podiatry intervention. 

The ❤️️RED zone is for people who require urgent podiatry care with risk to life or limb if not seen face to face. 

The 💛YELLOW zone is for people who require podiatry care who would suffer a negative outcome had they not seen a podiatrist.

This zone covers a large proportion of the people who attend for our essential podiatry services across Melbourne. 

Painful lesions like corns and callus, injuries or pain from an injury that limits day-to-day living, or an ingrowing toe nail.

If it’s sore and an impact on your life, then you’re most likely in the 💛YELLOW zone.

Those who are unable to care for their own nail and skin care needs and at risk of complications if not completed in a timely fashion are also in the 💛YELLOW zone. We have lots of wonderful clients who due to age, injuries or disability are unable to manage their foot care needs.

The 💚GREEN zone is for people who can hold off and do not require urgent podiatry care right now.

This group includes those who get an annual diabetes foot risk assessment who have previously been identified as LOW RISK and not suffering with a painful lesion or neuropathy. 

All people coming into our clinic will be screened over the phone prior to their session and upon arrival for COVID symptoms and it’s a requirement that you wear a mask whilst attending.

Podiatrist open during stage 4 lockdown?

Our podiatrists are open during stage 4 lockdown in Metropolitan Melbourne. You can see our team online for telehealth Australia wide but for face to face, our clinic locations are.

When to see a podiatrist during lockdown

It’s important to see a podiatrist during lockdown if you are in either the RED or YELLOW zones.

Poor circulation, significant deformity, pain and feet that are negatively impacting your ability to lead an active and safe life are all critical to be managed safely by a podiatrist.

When to use telehealth to see a podiatrist

Telehealth for podiatry is an emerging tool which we have used extensively at PridePlus Health. 

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus and are therefore unable to attend a session you can get started on an assessment and treatment plan via telehealth. 

You can also review exercise programs, orthotic interventions, lesions (like does that look fungal to you type questions?) via telehealth video sessions with your podiatrist.

If you’re unsure about attending an in clinic session then telehealth can be a great way to commence your podiatry care in the safety of your own home.

Do I need to get a referral to see a podiatrist during lockdown?

No you do not need a referral to see a podiatrist during lockdown. 

The same rules apply as per normal.

A referral is only required for podiatry if you wish or are eligible for some 3rd party funding. This includes people with chronic disease (medicare funding) or returned service persons accessing Veterans Affairs funding.

Can I see a podiatrist if I live more than 5Km away?

Yes you can travel greater than 5 Km to your podiatry session for treatment as long as you are in the ❤️️RED or 💛YELLOW zone and have passed the COVID screening questions.

How PridePlus Health are keeping safe during lockdown?

We have created our COVID Safe plan and are following it to the letter. 

Our personal and environmental hygiene is industry leading. The team is trained and supported to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

This includes

  • Masks
  • Face Shields and Goggles
  • Laminar air flow management 
  • Antiseptic cleaning of all surfaces between clients
  • Hand hygiene in line with the World Health Organisation’s 5 Moments
  • Screening & Triage

Stay safe, stay healthy, look after each other and your feet! If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

📞 (03) 9068 0966

💻 team@prideplus.com.au