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what to bring to your physio appointment pascoe vale

What To Bring To Your Physio Appointment at PridePlus Health

Everything in life is easier when we are prepared, and your physiotherapy appointment is no different.

The absolute essentials to bring to your physio appointment are:

    • Referral if you have one. This is only if you have been referred by a health professional. No referral is needed to see our Physio, however to access some funding streams (such as medicare funding for those with chronic medical conditions) you must have a referral.
    • Imaging and Results. If you have recent and relevant blood test results, X-rays, ultrasound or MRI images please bring them along.
    • Clothing. Walking, running or various exercises are part of our assessments and treatment plan. Please wear appropriate clothing for this.
    • Your shoes. Please wear your shoes you feel most comfortable exercising with. More than likely this will be an athletic shoe, with or without an orthotic.
  • Medicare Card, Health Insurance Card. We can process rebates on the spot at our clinics in Pascoe Vale.

And most importantly

  • Your Goals. What is it you want to get out of seeing the physio? The more guidance you can give us, the better results we can get together!

What we will bring to your physio appointment at PridePlus Health

    • A caring and listening ear. Tell us what is your concern, your challenge, the opportunities you’re trying to achieve. We want to hear them and help you.
    • Our network of knowledge and supporters to help you. This might be our podiatrists and exercise physiologists. It could be our relationships with doctors and surgeons, our supply partners bringing you the best in equipment and materials. We work hard to ensure that we know the right people and the right tools to get you the best results around.
  • A plan. We will work with you to synthesize, analyse and assess all factors and then tailor make a management plan to suit you and your goals.

If you have any questions please send us an email or call us at our clinics.